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  1. Henry@OCG

    Using a mixer to break off the trichomes

    We've found that using a metal mixer is the best way to take off the trichomes. We tried various types of wooden spoons and felt nearly most of the trichomes were still intact. What are others using?
  2. Henry@OCG

    Making Dry Ice Hash

    I was seeing what micron screen they used to make dry ice hash. Thanks
  3. Henry@OCG

    Time to make bubble hash

    I used the 220 work bag, then one of the smaller microns, 25👍 Just be careful not to agitate too much, the hash can get too much plant material and the hash will not stick together. Plus, if it's your first time, dont be afraid to really mix the extraction with some authority, it takes a bit to...
  4. Henry@OCG

    Experimented with growing a couple plants with no fertilizer!

    Thx WeedHopper, I'm glad I joined MJ again. Cheers
  5. Henry@OCG

    Made some bubble hash!

    Bubble hash is the best. The 80s hash doesn't even compare. I just looked at some sites selling Moroccan hash for 600 to 800 an oz 😂😂😂...totally ridiculous!!!
  6. Henry@OCG

    Experimented with growing a couple plants with no fertilizer!

    Hello, each pot received sunshine Mix #4, bone meal, kelp meal, steer manure, and worm castings. I'm not here to promote our site. Im here to share our growing experience from the past 20yrs or so. I joined this site in 2006 and enjoyed learning from all the members, plus sharing photos of our...
  7. Henry@OCG

    Experimented with growing a couple plants with no fertilizer!

    Each pot received Sunshine Mix #4, 4 cups worm castings, 1 cup bone meal, kelp meal, and 2 cups steer manure. That's it!
  8. Henry@OCG

    Made some bubble hash!

    We made some bubble hash from Cataract Kush, and Ambrosia Grapefruit. It turned out nice, smooth, bubbles nicely, intense high, munchies, and calm sleep.
  9. Henry@OCG

    After Harvest

    Awesome job! Hard to say how much dried, dense looking buds, cheers
  10. Henry@OCG

    Experimented with growing a couple plants with no fertilizer!

    This year, we grew a couple plants which were only fed from the beginning with a fertilizer in the pot. Otherwise, both plants were watered and that's it. Check out one plant, and a close up of the bud. The smoke is smooth, hint of citrus, hence the strain is Ambrosia Grapefruit...the high is...
  11. Henry@OCG

    Time to make bubble hash

    Bubble hash made from only 2 bubble bags; The strain is Cataract Kush, all day agitation :)
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  13. Henry@OCG

    storing mj

  14. Henry@OCG

    Opinion with my Compost Tea???

    Thank you for the replies - happy growing!
  15. Henry@OCG

    Opinion with my Compost Tea???

    Hello - My compost tea consist of using a 5 gallon bucket, 2 cups of worm castings, 60ml of Earth Juice Bloom, 5 Tablespoons of Alaska Bloom (0-10-10)(fish emulsion) and 2 Tablespoons of blackstrap molasses. I have a air pump bubbling the mixture with a weight holding down the 'air stone'. Does...
  16. Henry@OCG

    my 1st grow! purple kush & big bud

    Wow, great place! Looks very remote which are the places I like. Enjoy the scenery - :hubba:
  17. Henry@OCG

    female clones

    Great! - thanks for the reply. The first picture is what I was talking about. If I cut off most of the bottom buds and did some "stripping" I was hoping not to delay any continuous growing or delaying of the flowering process. Thanks for the feedback from the 'mods'.
  18. Henry@OCG

    female clones

    Hello All - My buddy gave me some clones in June and they had already started their preflowers. They were in 1 gallon pots, so I put a few in the ground in my greenhouse and the others are in 10 gallon pots. I live on the West Coast, British Columbia. My question is regarding the 'mass'...
  19. Henry@OCG

    Anyone want to look at my Trichs?

    Hi Dog, I just harvested my crop due to some mild mold problems, but my trichs were all cloudy, but the smoke is still great. I do cut off a small leaf and put it on a white piece of paper. I seem to get a better view of the trichs, read about this tip on this site. Anyway, I guess it depends...
  20. Henry@OCG

    Leaf Problems

    My water is from the tap, but I fill up rain barrels and let the chlorine evaporate, uaually 24hrs. The PH is about 6.5, big pots (7gal to 25 gal). The one's that are effected are in 15 gal pots. I would put this question in the 'sick plant' section, but thought I would reach more 'traffic' in...