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  1. mrcane

    Good to Know what your smoking...

    So this is why we grow our own....
  2. mrcane

    Which way do I go??

    Well, was at the local grow shop yesterday looking at nutes and was Overwhelmed for sure.. They had shelves & more shelves of nutes? Then I went to visit this other guy "Earth C.P.R." like the name, so he got all kinds of Teas {mineral, worm,ect. says that they need to be used within 4...
  3. mrcane

    Second Grow "Papaya"

    Just need to try Another grow, winter or not, got these 5 beans that just wanta grow..did couple changes to room[3'x4'x8'] to help with temps. room is in unheated garage, so I am kind of worried.. Insulated floor, got heater & dehumidifier, Running 600w MH-Hps Dimmable Ballast,with vented...
  4. mrcane

    Second Grow "Papaya"

  5. mrcane

    Getting ready to chop...

    So should be any day and I will be chopping down my first girl. Is there a best time to do this? Lights out? ON? And when I hang her, what kind of R.H. & temp should the room be? Have a dehumidifier Pretty Humid here....
  6. mrcane

    Done Yet???

    Hope that these pics show something.In flower since July 2nd. Plants are 7ft +And leaves have been turning yellow and falling off, Lots of them!!!:confused2:
  7. mrcane

    First grow one month into Flower..

    Here are some pics of my first attempt at MJ. One month into flower. How long till they be done?? :smoke1:
  8. mrcane

    Running out of Room

    Well this is my first attempt at growing MJ. Had to leave for the month of June so had to put them outside, returned and put them back in to flower. On 12&12 now starting to run out of head room.. Just some bag seed trying to dial in the room.Plants got tall outside now with 9ft. ceiling I am...
  9. mrcane

    Going to set up first grow...Help!!!

    O.K. I only have an area to use that is 3' x 5' x 9' ceiling . thinking of doing walls with sheet insulation with shiny back? How much light would i need? can one go from start to finish with t5s? Have lots of learning to do here...
  10. mrcane

    Will it Grow???

    Ok: I live in a maritime climate, coastal fog,rather cool summers.I had to build a small green house, to get my tomatoes to ripen!! so you think I can grow outside or will I have to take it in???
  11. mrcane

    Hello I'm New Again

    Hello All Don't know what happens.I go away for long periods for work. when I return I can not seem to log on?? So I have had to register again. used the same username and password but did loose all my past post ect?? Oh well... glad to be back, see ya around:aok: