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  1. pute

    Am I a Boy or am I a girl

    So, you started from seeds and you don't want a Rooster in the Hen house. Do I have a male or female. It is easy to tell once flipped into flower but you can also tell in veg as well. Here is a couple of examples on male/female identification. I have a male and female in veg. Can you tell...
  2. pute

    Making Beneficial Tea (My Way)

    I Think it is just as important to feed the Roots as well as the plant. Therefore I brew/add beneficial tea every two weeks. There are several different products out there, I use OG BioWar. Have for years. Doing this keeps the plant healthy, lush and vibrant. It also helps protect the plant...
  3. pute

    Making Bubble Hash (my way)

    Slow day here and so I decided to make Bubble Hash. Was taught how to do this a long time ago. I have heard about kitchen mixer, cement mixer and other everything I do it is the o'l fashioned way. Simple process and I like keeping things simple. Getting started. Since...
  4. pute

    Welcome to MP. Please read the rules

    These are the rules of MP. ****************** With many thousands of people from many, many cultures and countries from around the world all in a group such as this one, it's necessary to have some very basic rules. The purpose of the rules is not to restrict anyone's rights or make it so...
  5. pute

    Hello fellow growers my name is Frogyrogy

    Hello fellow growers, It was suggested several days ago by Mr. @pute that I find my way over here to the intro section and tell everyone a bit about my grow. So, a week or two later: I do a very small scale "perpetual" type grow, I have two in late flower (Bruce Banner/Acapulco Gold), one...
  6. pute


    2022 January Bud of the Month Either GDP or GG#4 Winner SubmarineGirl
  7. pute


    This is a classic case of over watering. I did it myself. Flipped this girl into flower last night. Had just up potted a couple of days ago and did the usual water during process. Last night i gave her a light nute when I flipped. This morning she was drooping from to much water. There is...