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    question about males

    if you want males to fully flower, then use 12/12. As for nutes, i think you feed it the same as the female because the males produce THC too but not very potent. my bad man, i guess i misread your thread. i'm was just trying to help.
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    my first grow

    lol idk, but welcome to MPM. seems to me that you got things set. gl luck and keep on tokin. post some pic so we can see how well u do.
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    question about males

    um.. i think you need to read a lot more because the questions your asking are off course. you won't be able to tell if its male or female unless you get a female clone and grow it or your guarantee that your seed is feminized. you give the plants different kinds of nutes through...
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    gettin rid of the male

    throw it somewhere like 10 miles away from your house
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    Just grew 3 males...what to do next?

    make cookies!!! i loves cookies!!
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    New Babies

    looking good. what strain are they?
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    hard soil?

    would this kill the root by ripping them apart? is the "N" defficiency be the cause of the yellowing leaves?
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    hard soil?

    today, i was just checking up the status on the plant and i was touching the soil on my plant which are over 2 months old. they soil in the middle seem hard. is it suppose to be this way? (i got scared and flushed it because it was also developing yellow leaves on the bottom)
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    clone length

    i'm not sure about this, but doesn't the plant have to grow root first under 24/0 with CFL then when their ready, they can go 12/12? (i'm doing the exact same thing under 24/0 and about 5 days old cuttings already, but i'm using peat pellet)
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    Clone and humidity dome

    yeah i would suppose so. i don't think your suppose to go lower than 6 in soil grow.
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    What would you do?

    i don't think u should try bring anything marijuana related to the airport. IMO i don't think that clone WW or NYC diesel is worth jail time. Sorry bro, but nice try. I would like some WW too. wow gangja, i never thought of that ever!. thats really interesting.
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    Clone and humidity dome

    yup, thats the gap i'm talking about. also, should i make holes on the dome so they can breath?
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    Clone and humidity dome

    7" humidity dome. gauge reading at: 79.3 F, 48% humidity. Olvias gel peat pellet distilled water 42watt CFL clone 4 days old i have 8 clones, 4 each from a mother plant inside the humidity dome. Its in olvia gel and peat pellet. Theres (1)42watt CFL 5 inches on top of the dome and (2)42watt CFL...
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    what pH tester do you guys use?

    what ph tester(s) do you guys use for your soil and water? thanks in advance.
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    What root hormones do you guys use?

    title said it all. just list the name and weather is gel or powder. I'm just looking to see what you guys use. My plant is almost 2 month old and i'm ready to clone. I"M SO EXCITED.
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    can someone teach me how to top? my plants are 1 month and 10 days old. I really need to start topping it. some picture would really help. Text would help, but please be very detailed. thanks in advance
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    fox farm feeding schedule ????

    hey mountain you got any pic of your grow?. i want to see how your plant look like using GB, BB and Tiger.
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    look at these pics how am i doing and a quick ??? for the pro's

    tips are yellow and curled downward. this could be a sign of salt build up or nutes defect. probably N defect. if you going to spray with water, make sure you have ventilation and the lights shouldnot be on because water can magnify heat and burn the plant.
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    distance from light and plant

    how far do you guys keep your light away from your plant?
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    How do they look?

    on the left plant think i see balls at the top, so that could be a male. I can't tell about the plant on the right.