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  1. 000StankDank000

    Stanks Dank is back

    hello my old time forum people. I thought id pop in to see whats up?
  2. 000StankDank000

    Toronto Police Wage War on Cannabis

    Times have been tough in the GTA. The real shops are still open Everything I say is Fiction. My pictures are found online not mine.
  3. 000StankDank000

    Blue Dream in Oregon

    Looking good How much light are they under?
  4. 000StankDank000

    PERMIT DENIED! No 4/20 in Denver in 2016?

    But did anyone die? How much violence happend? Let's ask law officials what it's like at beer fest SMH. That's a joke that they are not having this even can this be real? I'm planning for the michigan cup
  5. 000StankDank000

    getting hot

    At least you will know why your house burns down. Don't play with an over AMP panel bro
  6. 000StankDank000

    Nurse Larry Group Grow.

    Mine are making a complete turn around. Think I got 2 girls one guy. Pic's soon. Orange you got some odd stuff going on thanks for posting it
  7. 000StankDank000

    Nurse Larry Group Grow.

    These are my nurse Larry AKA rosebud OG plants. They are giving me trouble. I have flushed them. Always check PH. I think I might have mixed up the food wrong and this is a result but my run off wasn't high ppm. What does thus look like to you guys? The new growth is looking better.
  8. 000StankDank000

    A.M.'s Grow'N'Show

    Damn AM killing it like always. Wish I could have access to cuts like those. Looking good AM positive vibes bro.
  9. 000StankDank000

    school of hard knocks

    the moon is like 1/100 th of a the power of a light in your grow room. what was the seeds you used? breeder genetics?
  10. 000StankDank000

    I'm BACK !! G13/HP ,FPOG, Oldschool skunk junk. StAnKsGROW

    ahhhh wont let me post pics of these almost finished plants ***???
  11. 000StankDank000

    Need advice on problem in week 5

    ok this will sound conceded but . I was invited over to take a look and as soon as I walked in the room I was like " Holly F you got russet mites like meddicropper" medicropper is a huge youtube grower who just went threw this same problem. my buddy with 20+ years was in denial BIG TIME. so I...
  12. 000StankDank000

    Leonardo DiCaprio And His Vape Pen

    I wouldn't share a joint or vape pen with miley either smart move leo
  13. 000StankDank000

    No idea what's wrong?

    natural PH up and down comes in powder form I cant think of the name right now..........ummmm
  14. 000StankDank000

    Cabin Fever Seed Bank

    Yes those are great genetics. Freak is an awesome breeder. if I could have local id buy em up
  15. 000StankDank000

    Need advice on problem in week 5

    stank will teach you guys its called " Dudding" its from broad mites russet mites. they eat the bud flowers and are even worse then spider mites. 150+ plants taken to the dump. only super rare phenos were kept and put in a super strict retuine. Watch out for this it is the worst bug known to MJ
  16. 000StankDank000

    Need advice on problem in week 5

    Yes scoped with multiple scopes even one that connects to a computer. I have 4 clones from one of the mothers part of me wants to throw them away and pasrt of me wants to see if it happens to mine. Need input this is for a medical garden for patients very sad and need to find out WHY so it...
  17. 000StankDank000

    Need advice on problem in week 5

    Rose. The plants look good. That's the scary part. Just the buds looks eaten and very small. These are known strains . That 3rd pic is C99. Week 5 looks like ****
  18. 000StankDank000

    Need advice on problem in week 5

    more Looks like a virus or a mutation it is affecting the healthy clones I gave him on the same rez but they are not as bad
  19. 000StankDank000

    Need advice on problem in week 5

    Hope these work cant get the stupid CPU to work.
  20. 000StankDank000

    Hortilux T5 w/ UV rays

    All those crazy people with reptiles and aquariums with UV light just asking to DIE! eh? LoL