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  1. Insane

    Insane's Amnesia Lemon Kush Run

    Hey boys and girls, time for the next one! Same setup as last grow of course, but if you're new to the insanity then.. 3'x3'x7'ish. 600w led vivarspectra. Exhaust fan on top of box above light, passive intake at floor level. Home built grow box lives in my garage. Veg light schedule is...
  2. Insane

    The Asylum

    Day 10 Peyote gorilla feminized (indica) from x4 (Plus 1 Pink kush clone from summer grow, growing/gifting to a friend) 4 seeds germinated in soil, used jiffy pucks soaked in room temp tap water, super scientific. They were all above soil on day 4. Slightly concerned my pots are...
  3. Insane

    Insanes outdoor/indoor pink kush

    Hey everyone! Quick about me. Getting back into growing after being out of the game for about 15 years. Just wrapping up my outdoor summer grow and taking cuttings from those girls to try and get some clones going. They were planted from seed in the dirt may 1. These things grew like crazy! We...
  4. Insane

    15 years later and back at it!

    Not a new member but have recently rediscovered my passion for growing after buying my own home and growing becoming legal in my country! First became a member of these forums 15 years ago when I did my first indoor grow. Now I'm getting serious. Looking forward to meeting new people and seeing...
  5. Insane

    Insane's Heavenly Hash&BnB Grow

    Hey everybody. I figured since Im starting a newish grow I'd start a new journal too. Anyway, for those of you who were following my last grow journal you'll know that I had 2 heavenly hash babies and 1 BnB mother. Well since then plans have changed, and today I moved those two Heavenly Hash...
  6. Insane

    Insane's BnB Grow

    BluNbed AKA Heavenly Blue Day 10, Vegging with 24/0 So far I'm very pleased with the results I've been having. It is now day 10 since the original pair of leaves popped above the surface, and alternating nodes and starting nice and early, just how I like it PS One thing I've been having...
  7. Insane

    BnB - Day 5 24/0

    Hey guys. Heres the next crop: BluNbed AKA Heavenly Blue :D These little babies are 5 days old and doin' well. I've got them in 2 liter bottles (cut in half) until preflowering, once sex is determined I'll plant the females in larger pots and chuck the males. PS The plant at the back in the...
  8. Insane

    Harvesting Heavenly Hash

    Day 49. I'm harvesting the first of the two plants today, the second (larger) plant will probably be another 2-6 weeks. The trichs on the first plant are completely cloudy, and I know that originally I said I was gonna harvest at half amber half cloudy, I just can't wait anymore. :D Now that...
  9. Insane

    New Plans Approved!

    Hey everyone..well Ive finally got the OK to move my grow to an old storage room, and also got the OK to more the double it in size! I'll have about 3'x'6'x6' to work with, so I'll make two chambers, one chamber for vegging a mother+clones and one chamber for flowering, each will get half of...
  10. Insane

    Flowering HH @ 41 Days

    Hey everyone. Here we are at Day 41 of flowering for the plant on the left, about day 20 for the plant on the right, which looks like it will yield more given more time. Anyway as for the plant on the left her trich's are mostly (80%) cloudy so at this point I'm thinking of harvesting in another...
  11. Insane

    Music Good For Plants?

    I know this sounds absolutely rediciulous, and normally I would call this an old stupid myth, but then TV made it true. I was recently watching an episode of Mythbusters (I love the show, anybody else?) and they were testing the myth that classical music helps plant growth, so they grew green...
  12. Insane

    Flowering HH @ 34 Days

    Here ya go, day 34. Trichs are getting cloudy, Im thinking about harvesting the plant on the left in another 5-10 days. Another month, maybe more for the plant on the right (in top left pic) PS For the last pics I turned on the flash to help show the thc development, which Im very pleased...
  13. Insane

    Flowering Heavenly Hash @ 26 Days

    Hey guys. I wouldn't normally post pics with the days so close together, but the day 21 pics were a couple days old when I posted them anyway and the plants are really starting to look nice so I figured so more pictures couldn't hurt! Hope you guys like the cola pics! PS The more mature plant...
  14. Insane

    Flowering Heavenly Hash @ 21 Days

    Here ya go people, sorry for the lag in pics but I've been busy! the plant on the right has grown incredibly since put into flowering, and the plant on the left isn't growing as big but is maturing faster, so looks like I'll be choppin the little sister down in maybe another 2-4 weeks, hard to...
  15. Insane

    Flowering Heavenly Hash

    10 days into 12/12 and there's good news and bad news, but more good I think Good news is that Im thanking the Ganja Gods that my biggest healthiest plant is female, unfortunately the runner up was a male, killed him, and the 3rd plant is female but suffered some nute burn and is doing well...
  16. Insane

    Should I Top?

    Im thinking Im gonna top this plant, any feedback?
  17. Insane

    HH Wk 4 24/0

    Hey people, here are my babies after a month into 24/0 Im thinking about topping the biggest plant..the others I'll just let grow, though Im hoping to switch to 12/12 in 2-4 weeks..what do you guys think?
  18. Insane

    Heavenly Hash Grow 24/0 Week 3

    I only have the one pic right now b/c the battery in my camera died right after taking that one, so I'll post some close up pics later The 2 big ones are 22 days from germination, the small one is about 12 days from germination and the baby is about 7 days from germination. Im probably going...
  19. Insane

    Whats a tap root?

    I was just reading the grow guide in this forum and it says... One more tip: A Russian study showed that seedlings with at least 4” of soil to grow the tap root were more likely to go female. The source I’m quoting says “This may be why some farmers get female/male ratios as great as...
  20. Insane

    I have a dream...

    Need I say more?