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  1. gmo

    Vote for May 2022 Bud Picture of the Month

    Who will hold the title of Bud Picture of the Month for May 2022? It's gonna be hard to choose with all the great entries this month! Voting begins today and ends on May 31, 2022. No entries in this thread, but discussion is allowed. If you didn't get your entry in this month, don't worry! June...
  2. gmo

    May 2022 Bud Picture of the Month Entries

    May 2022 Bud Picture of the Month contest has started! It's time to get those pictures entered for the May 2022 BPOTM contest. Please encourage your friends and new members to enter this month! This contest is ALWAYS more fun with more participants! There are some rules: 1) One entry per...
  3. gmo

    Gmo's momma and clone room

    Finally got my mom and clone room setup how I had envisioned it. I had completely run out of room in my 2'x2' tent. I took the time yesterday night to get my 3'x3' wired and setup: 2x Mars Hydro TS1000 Humidifier Clip on fans Extractor/carbon filter DIY fogponic clone machine Right now I have...
  4. gmo

    Airborne and gmo Tandem Grow Top Dawg Seeds GMOxGTH

    Alright, alright, alright! The time is nearing that @Airbone and I will be starting our tandem grow journal. Seeds are straight from the breeders hand to mine and then shared with my buddy Airborne. 9 seeds in the pack, I have 5 and he has 4. I'll be starting mine in the next 7 days or so...
  5. gmo

    Gmo grows Top Dawg I-Tre95

    It's on! 4'x4' AC Infinity tent 4x Mars Hydro TS1000s Homemade LP Aeroponics tote 6" AC Infinity t6 fan and filter GH Flora line 6 part nutrients Apera PH60 and EC60 meters Humidifier/dehumidifier Hisense 5500BTU air conditioner piped straight in Clip-on fans
  6. gmo

    Gmo grows Top Dawg Fam95

    Many years ago I had a cut of Stardawg that I just loved. I asked for some recommendations for seeds that might fit my needs of finding something in the same family line. I'm looking for pungent, sticky, dense colas. Something that produces, but maintains a nice structure. All signs pointed to...
  7. gmo

    Strange growth in top buds. Help?

    Day 60 Gelato auto feminized from ILGM. There are 3 plants in aeroponics in this 3x3 tent and this is the only plant showing this growth. About 1/2 of the top colas are showing this bright yellow/green area. They are hard and feel like stems. The only thing I can figure is that the colas topped...
  8. gmo

    Any ideas what is causing this bronzing?

    Details: happening on 1 of the 2 plants in this tent over the last 24 hours. Spots appear on 4 lower leaves. Plants are 21 days old in Fox Farms Happy Frog soil. Temp 75%, RH ~50%. Have only watered with pH 6.5 water, no additional nutrients. CalMag+ added at 4mL/G to the last 3 waterings. Last...
  9. gmo

    And It Begins

    New house, new grow room! 3x3 tent with 2 Mars Hydro TS1000s. Using an aeroponics tote for 2 ILGM Auto Gelatos and 1 ILGM Auto Zkittlez. They are just breaking ground and stretched a bit from germinating in a window sill, but that'll be taken care of when they're transplanted in the next couple...
  10. gmo

    Obama, his stance on mmj?

  11. gmo

    Ken's Granddaddy Purple

    I got a few 'elites' from a buddy, Ken's GDP being one of them. She is small, but beautiful. This one is 42 days into flowering.
  12. gmo

    God Bud

    These were grown under a 400w MH for a 28 day veg then switched to 400w HPS for a 60 day flower. 3 very similar God Bud females were kept along with 6 Mangos, all from The mangos were picky with nutes and not a great yielder, probably won't be in my garden again. The God buds...
  13. gmo

    Glossary of Horticultural Terms

    I'm very bored tonight and felt like giving something back to the community. I was at the hydro store the other day and on my way out the guy put a Sunlight Supply catalog in my bag with my other goodies. Of course this was at the top of my reading list, and just a few pages in I found a...
  14. gmo

    gmo's Mango and God Bud

    This'll be my journal for mango and god bud. I have started 9 of each strain, they are from BC Seedking. Got a few in dirt that have showed a taproot already and a few more that are still in paper towels awaiting germination. These are both new strains for me, so I may need some help along the...
  15. gmo

    USA : AMA calls for review of marijuana status

    Taken from :holysheep: Big news: The American Medical Association adopted a new policy position today calling for the review of marijuana’s status as a Schedule I drug. The revised policy “urges that marijuana’s status as a federal Schedule I controlled substance be reviewed with the...
  16. gmo

    BC Kush

    Another journal starting. This time it's BC Kush, I have run this stain a few times already and really enjoy it, but this is the end of the seeds and the next journal will be something different. I hate to bore you all by starting a journal in veg, so I have waited to start this until DAY 17 of...
  17. gmo

    USA : Final days of Marijuana Prohibition Upon Us?

    From If you thought President Barack Obama’s mocking response to the question of whether “taxing and regulating cannabis would raise revenue and reduce prohibition-associated violence” couldn’t be any worse, just listen to White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs stumble below...
  18. gmo

    Kush and Purps : Round 2

    It's time for a new journal. Updating the other one is getting messy, and it's hard to tell what's really going on NOW. So, without further ado, here is whats growing right now... 3 Kush females late into flower. Prolly around 5 1/2 - 6 weeks. They didn't veg for long, maybe 10 days total...
  19. gmo

    Yellowing Edges

    Growing in FFOF soil, fox farms nutes given once, ph is 6.8, temperature stays around 74 with the light on, strain is kush (although that shouldn't be of any importance). The yellowing on the side of the leaf almost looks like neon yellow paint, it isn't crispy, and besides the top 3 leaves...
  20. gmo

    New Mexico : Panel Decision on MMJ Ailments

    Bitersweet for me. I truly believed today would be the day of some BIG changes here in New Mexico. Although several new illnesses are being considered, the big ones are not. Depression was denied as a qualification and Chronic Pain was tabled, meaning they need more information before...