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  1. Amerowolf


    Well my buddy found this premo spot for his like 5 in clones, but it's in the middle of an ant colony. So I was wondering if ants will hurt his plants?
  2. Amerowolf

    Amero's Guerilla Grow

    Yeah so....This is my first time growing. I used to see my brother do this awhile ago when I was to little to know what he was doing. Well He used to grow the best Blueberry in Northern Illinois. Or so they say, well he's turned his life around and is in the military and It's my turn to continue...
  3. Amerowolf


    Yeah so today my friend convinced me to start growing. Well I'vee been researching it and it sounds profitable and fun. But I have questions.... 1) After you harvest, how do you store the seeds? or does it not matter? 2) How do you keep males from ******* up your females? 3)What do you...