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  1. 000StankDank000

    Stanks Dank is back

    hello my old time forum people. I thought id pop in to see whats up?
  2. 000StankDank000

    Need advice on problem in week 5

    Ok a real good friend of mine with 20 plus years of growing is having a crazy problem. His room is very clean and very well controlled. 8 light room , Rockwool drip system . The genetics are known and been grown before. It seems the plants on the right Rez are having a very odd problem. The...
  3. 000StankDank000

    Hi my name is stank

    And I have a seed germing addiction I can't stop. If I have them I must germ them to find the dank. Plus they are regulars and I have been seeing a lot of males lately. I bought a cloner to curb the problem but it's not helping. I put 4 more seeds down tonight to germ . Does anyone else have...
  4. 000StankDank000

    Light schedule all messed up....What should be done?

    So my bloom tent timer switch got bumped from timer to on when I opened the veg tent wide last night. So the light was supposed to go off at 7 am but wasn't caught till 1pm. Should I just keep on trucking or hold back a few hours tonight before I turn the lights on? The last thing I need is nut...
  5. 000StankDank000

    Stanks Hoe's

    So since I figure I'll be chilling at the old age home for a bit cause rose is just so awesome! I might as well start a grow . These are my Tahoe OG girls. They are 4 weeks in veg from clones. Plus I have 2 chem OG girls These girls will be going into flower as soon as I can find room or...
  6. 000StankDank000

    Anyone use a Lightrail?

    So I have been lookin into getting a light rail 4.0 and was looking into some feed back from someone who uses one. I plan on running it in my 8x4 Tent with a Magnum XXL hood. the hood is very large and throws a lot of light so the mover doesn't have to go far. If it worked out well I could...
  7. 000StankDank000

    Go to amber they said. It's couch lock they said This is an interesting read about how amber is the THC breaking down already.
  8. 000StankDank000

    If you had to build a grow room....

    So this guy has a room all framed out with metal studs. He wants it to be water proof and noise proof. Would you use plywood on the grow room side with panda film over top? Would you use green board drywall? Blue skin? The wall needs to be insulated and the other side has to be dry walled...
  9. 000StankDank000

    I'm BACK !! G13/HP ,FPOG, Oldschool skunk junk. StAnKsGROW

    Well I'm sure some of you were hoping I was dead or had cancer etc but only the good die young ole stank ain't going out like that ! ( Listens to black Sunday by cypress hill ) So I got some gear that I figured I should run. It is Mr nice G13/HP now I LOVE the fruity G13 and I'm hoping to...
  10. 000StankDank000

    Old seeds hard to germ what's the TECH

    I was given some very old seeds from a buddy who claims they are the old school skunk I have been looking for. The seeds are big in size and they are tiger stripped on some and others are pretty light. I split the last 20 I had with my grow partner. I tryed 10 already with no luck All different...
  11. 000StankDank000

    Buckeye purple

    So I just flipped my 4 BP a week ago and got 3 girls one guy. The guy The girl The girl The recovering girl I will be posting my BP flower log in this thread.
  12. 000StankDank000

    Why ? Only some ?

    So I have a whole bunch of beans I popped and some of them are giving me trouble. What do you guys feel is up with them? They are in promix with extra perlite and have lots of holes in bottom of cups not all seedlings did this and some of the same strain were fine.
  13. 000StankDank000

    Doctors breaking rules in Ontario
  14. 000StankDank000

    One buckeye just won't .......

    So I have 4 purple buckeyes in veg all of them in promix and fed with green planet nutes. 3 are coming back around but the other looks like nute burn and under fed at the same time. I don't get it. Is this a cal mag problem? Magnesium problem
  15. 000StankDank000

    Post picture of your daily driver

    This is mine it's a china Stero matrix perc mobious knock off. It functions very well for a $70 Bong . I am so impressed I will be buying a knock off Fab egg from him.
  16. 000StankDank000

    How do I run a setup to harvest every 3 months

    I have a baby room 4x4 veg tent and a 8 x4 bloom tent. I start my stuff from seeds so I wanna know when do you start your seeds ? What week of bloom do you start the seeds? Right now I am just cramming my veg tent and when big enough I move to bloom room ( if I have room) and right now I...
  17. 000StankDank000

    Who has Run a MH for bloom?

    I just upgraded my grow room and didn't have money to buy an 1000watt HPS but I had a MH 1000watt so I'm gonna run that for bloom till I can get a HOS light. Will this just not work as well or what? Just looking for input Thanks
  18. 000StankDank000

    Stanks Northern Lights Outdoor Grow........First one.

    So I am gonna be Running crop king seeds Northern Lights Auto this year Outside. I have placed all 10 beans in water and I am gonna Germ them per Crop king Seeds Method. 15 hour pre soak then to paper towel with NO bag. Let's see if I get 90% Germ Rate. I still think crop king seeds is a great...
  19. 000StankDank000

    If you want the BEST customer services in the seed biz? Crop King seeds.

    This is a Canadian Seedbank and I can't believe the customer service it has. I was able to chat with a Custumer service Rep and within 3 hours the Owner called me. This place is great for someone looking to buy seeds for the first time. They guarantee a 90% Germ rate. I am about to do a run...
  20. 000StankDank000

    Did anyone else fight for legalized weed in Toronto yesterday?

    We had a march in Toronto threw the richest area. We protested along the way having a session at ALL major intersections lol. Was an awesome time. Hoping the mich high times cup can compare. I have awesome video showing how big it was 25,000 people flooded queens park then walked down the...