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  1. heavyfreak

    Arjarn Haze - mist of destruction

    These ladys are 4 weeks old they are Arjarn Haze from Nirvana seeds co. Stye grow: window grow Soil: typical 2 layed soil no rock with bone meal about 2 weeks in.
  2. heavyfreak

    3 weeks into flowering. (red hairs)

    Let it beknown I'm growing regs. While you can check out my grown journal for anymore info reguarding the plants. Whats happening isn't a problem I just would like to know if its normal. One of the top buds is developing red pistils. Is this typical? The other two plants are not, but the...
  3. heavyfreak

    how long till they die!!!

    seeds that is? I just ordered a total of 20 seeds and some freebies I'm going to plant about 6 of those how long untill your avarge seed goes bad? is there anything I can do to make then last longer?
  4. heavyfreak

    Lighting / grow room help.

    Ok, so I want to build a grow box that iwll take up a wall in my room and live it with lights.. Im hearing a lot of talk about hps and I'm notice there not very cheep either. is there another cheeper solution, I'm looking into growing about 5-6 plants, there navana standards so im assuming that...
  5. heavyfreak

    beta one - first grow

    ok, so all the help I can get to spruce these up. I'm daylight growing. 7am to 7pm and then there in the closet.. yes poor air flow. ok.. I've got two in one pot. Yes I know stupid amature thing. second is in a box basicly.
  6. heavyfreak

    recommended high

    Does anyone have any favorites that I can get from Seed Boutique thats a active high, almost like dro. No day dreamers of couch lock!!
  7. heavyfreak

    U.S seed purchacing... honestly now.

    Has any one in the states purchased seeds and actually grown without an atf vist? i'm growing some bull shit regs but would rather grow something other then philly filler. I hear dr cronic is good but like everything it' all mix opinions. Thanks in advance. heavy
  8. heavyfreak

    day light growing

    Ok,.. heres the stats 3 plants all regs, no special breed. plant one is about 2 feet tall. plant two is about 1 & half plant three is about the same as two. One and two are in the same pot. its a half foot tall pot. plant three in a garbage bad in a freakin box.. same depths. The plants...