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    hard soil?

    today, i was just checking up the status on the plant and i was touching the soil on my plant which are over 2 months old. they soil in the middle seem hard. is it suppose to be this way? (i got scared and flushed it because it was also developing yellow leaves on the bottom)
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    Clone and humidity dome

    7" humidity dome. gauge reading at: 79.3 F, 48% humidity. Olvias gel peat pellet distilled water 42watt CFL clone 4 days old i have 8 clones, 4 each from a mother plant inside the humidity dome. Its in olvia gel and peat pellet. Theres (1)42watt CFL 5 inches on top of the dome and (2)42watt CFL...
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    what pH tester do you guys use?

    what ph tester(s) do you guys use for your soil and water? thanks in advance.
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    What root hormones do you guys use?

    title said it all. just list the name and weather is gel or powder. I'm just looking to see what you guys use. My plant is almost 2 month old and i'm ready to clone. I"M SO EXCITED.
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    can someone teach me how to top? my plants are 1 month and 10 days old. I really need to start topping it. some picture would really help. Text would help, but please be very detailed. thanks in advance
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    distance from light and plant

    how far do you guys keep your light away from your plant?
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    Did my plant burn?

    I'm using: -FFOF -Distilled water -Grow Big -PH, i don't know my ph -1 gal pot -2 CFL 42 watt -Temp 85-89 Friday, i sprayed the leaves with water, today i notice that something odd happen. One plant had light green spots on it. It doesn't look like nutes def. becaue the bottom leaves are green...
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    yellow tip on 1 leaf

    the tittle explains it all. 1 of my plant has a yellow tip on one of its leaf. Whats kinda ackward about it is that it's curled upward. I'm using FFOF and 150watt CFL. I'm not sure whats wrong with it. can someone help me please?? also i'm using a alarm clock which has a temperture display and...
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    WIll this work?

    I'm about to get 1000 watt MH/HPS conversion ballast for my plant but using the MH bulb for veg. I also have 4 CFL. I was wonder if this could work: the 1000 MH (i'll be using MH first, then after HPS for flowering) will be hanging on top of the plant and the CFL will be standing on the bottom...
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    Fox Farm Products

    has anyone used the any of the FF products such as: grow big, big bloom, cha ching, open sesame, beastie bloomz, and tiger bloom? if so, tell me about it. I"m still lost in what to use. so far, i figured out that grow big is for vegetative growth and the rest is for flowering. I'm not sure if...
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    Does anyone know where i can buy medium base socket for my CFL? (I live in the U.S. BTW) I'm using 2 CFL 150w, 2600 lumen. I've tryed calling this company to get more info but their service **** ass.
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    What did i do wrong?

    I germinated 17/23 seed (random seed), I used the finger test, the paper towel method, distilled water, peat pellet, rubbing alcolohol, and metal spoon. 3 actually sprouted and 14 just grew tails. I planted the seed the 3 that grew longer tails first and left the rest for a few more days (about...