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    Hello world I’m back with a couple years under my belt. Imma get straight to the point I’m using colloidal silver Tiresias mist. I have successfully used it before and made seeds. The strains I’m growing green krack granddaddy purple train wreck girls scout cookies haaaaa I forgot the rest but...
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    2015 1000 watt with dimmer

    So I am actually moving. I plan on starting my plants and putting them in the ground later once I move. I'm using planting bags that's plastic so when I put them in the ground I will just cut the bottom of the plastic and put it in the hole in my new yard but I want to maximize the size of my...
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    Help me get my fire to smell like dispensery buuud

    Ok basically I got my weed to look like DISPENSERY bud. My only real problem is when I cure my smoke it make me cough like crazy get me high but it don't have the smell like DISPENSERY weed. I have browned bagged my smoke mason jarred my smoke and the smell iSNT there like the DISPENSARY that's...
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    Kali fire weed

    Hello world I'm back it's been a while. We going to try it once again. I'm just now getting equipment all over again. I got a nice tent this time. Hopefully I can note from beginning to the end of my grow. THANX for having me. :vap-leafy_wave:
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    Nasty Girls

    This is the beginning for my young ladies. :hubba:
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    first time scrog made from 100lb test fishline and alot of LST

    Hello my name is greenphene nice to meet you. Ok a little information for you. Lights. Cfl 300watt 4200 lumens I have one. 2700k 42watt 2800 lumens. I have 3. 2700k. 23watt 1800 lumens. I have two. 3500k I am in veg right now. I know I should have daylight cfl at 6500k. I plan to buy...