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    Brix's hydro LED grow tutorial

    This will be a bit of a different grow journal. In this trail you will find a complete tutorial from setup to flower. So, a little about the green thumb. I've been growing for seven years now, started off dropping bag seed outdoors in my back yard, and just watering! Well we all know how that...
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    anyone heard of this yet?

    Paul Stammets is a mycologist do has developed an organic method for making pesticides using mushroom fungi. Totally organic. Look it up and research it. Its pretty fascinating.
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    Grow room dilemma

    I've recently moved and am going to be re setting up. I previously was in a place where I constructed a room and I was able to cut holes in the ceilings and such. Where I am at now, I will be using tents for the first time. I have a 4x4x6 for flower, and a 4x2x6 for veg. I am running two...
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    LED advice needed.

    I am a long time hid HPS grower looking to make the switch to LED. I have done a little research, and I think I like the California light works 440 solar storm. Anyone have experience with this light? Or could recommend a good light? Thanks!
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    Need some outdoor advice.

    First off, I'm not in a legal state. Secondly, I own no property. I do have someone I know who has land and is willing to let me get down. He's sampled my goods from my indoor and has faith that I can get it done. I guess what I'm looking for is a feel for what I'm getting myself into. Do you...
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    Holy fast finisher.

    I just got done growing two white widow x big bud plants from female seeds. I vegged them for 8 weeks, topping and LSTing them til they were fat little bushes with at least 16 tops apiece. The breeder says 9-10 weeks right. WRONG! Six weeks and these puppies were 50% amber and cloudy! much to my...
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    Peek into my grow room week 4

    Here's the girls! It's been hot as **** and humidity has been pretty high. But overall they seem to be doing well!
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    Green poison auto at the chop 73 days from seed

    Well here she is, buds are rock hard, very nice sweet smell. About 20% amber.
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    Green poison auto week 10

    Here she is. I'm thinking a week more at least til harvest. This was a freebie.
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    Peek into my flower room week2

    Afghan kush, blue hash, skunk 44. They're a little stretched cuz I forgot to lower my light before I left for vacation, oops.
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    To dry, or not to dry. That is the question?

    So dry and cure it first, or just dry, or neither! first time making it. just ordered the 5 bubblebag system. I understand the process but need to know the answer to my question? thanks
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    LED or Plasma lighting?

    Does anyone here have any experience with these forms of lights as I was contemplating buying and running one or the other. Any advice would be greatly appreciated? Please only comment if you've used these lights before thanks in advance.
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    the importance of matured cannabis

    I just wanted to share an article i came across on another site that I found to be very useful amd maybe should be made a sticky ia all agreed. Hope you all enjoy.
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    cancer gone!!!

    I just wanted to let everyone here know that I was recently diagnosed with renal cancer 3 months ago. Monday morning i underwent a procedure to have my kidney removed and all wwas successful, I am home now back with my plants for some good ole righteous healing time. NO MORE CANCER!!! LMFAO
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    quick question

    I am growing in a mix of 2/3 promix 1/3 coco with worm castings and lime amendments using earth juice organic nutes. is that considered soil as far as the nutrient uptake and ph charts are concerned or hydro. altho im not in a hydro system just soil less. i guess my question is which chart...
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    Hey everybody!

    LOng time fan and stalker of the MP forums. I have definately learned a lot of very interesting info while stalking all of you! :D I will begin by saying that i appreciate evryones knowledge on here. I have been interested in growing quality mmj for years now, Ive done tons of research and...