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  1. Bubba

    Mars hydro 420 sale is on

    420 sale now on for those who have been waiting for lights and tents! Bubba
  2. Bubba

    Nute tactics and ph

    Like most here, I ph my fluids. Usually 6.4 or so after adjustment. I recently, well 2 grows ago I started using Advanced Nutrients nutes, who claim no pH adjusting necessary. Trying them out, I usually found pH around 5.8 or so, so I adjusted it up to 6.4 range. Latest batch I dropped the...
  3. Bubba

    New seeds Girl Crush.

    After seeing boo's plants pics, I've been searching for Girl Crush, and finally found them. If they turn out half of as good as his did I will be happy! Bubba
  4. Bubba

    How long is pollen good for. Is it still good once dried but carefully stored....

    About to do Regular seed grow, how long does pollen last? Wondering if it keeps for a reasonable period. Bubba
  5. Bubba

    Dos SI dos with identity crisis.

    Well, I guess one of them sprouted a wiener, found 5 seeds. How can such a small pollination" occur? Oh well, no harm no foul. Bubba
  6. Bubba


    Whoa. Many surprises here. 5 stars of 5. Don't kill for hermie right away. This strain popped some of the oddest pre flowering caylex I have ever seen. Killed two way to early. One was more clustery and may have been, but now I have serious doubts. WAIT. Smells like sweet grape. Extremely...
  7. Bubba

    What do you do with herm plant?

    Friend has 3 purple Dawn plants in a tent. nice, 2 weeks into 12/12, f/m showing on top, but sure enough balls below. 2 of 3 like this. I would tend to cut and burn. He might grow them out seeds and all, but I think its the pain of starting over. I say quicker the better, don't see a use for...
  8. Bubba

    RO machines. Which one are you using?

    Always ran a distiller, but it is slow and so constant project. RO will produce far more in much less time. Dont think I want one of the built in under cabinet types, seems like a counter top model would suit better. BUT...I know nothing about them so may be thinking wrong. Thanking you in...
  9. Bubba

    TIMBER LEDs come school Bubba please

    Obviously, these are some high quality well thought of lights, and I've seen a few here that used them. Many mentioned a DIY aspect to Timber, I didnt see a DIY section per se, but did see what I think folks were talking about in the sets of pre wired pods they sell. group(s) of 1,2,3, or how...
  10. Bubba

    Nukeheads....what do you think?

    Recently made a couple orders, not big, just under 200.00 US. Not hearing anything, I messaged. I guess they found my payments, but somehow I didn't press "order" which I found odd, since I had screen shot of the final page showing successful buy, or so I thought. Anyway, instructed to do the...