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    light intensity for mothers

    Does the light intensity for mothers matter for clones vigor in veg/flower. Guessing no. Does it just depend on how often you want cuttings, or will proper veg lighting keep a hardier plant more able to deal with bugs and disease? What if you keeping the mom long term. Planning mother...
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    plz help with lights

    My grow shops are trying to push lec315 on me for veg. color is 3100k I believe. I have 2 plasmas in 5x5 but they have little penetration. Is this where I am better off with a simple medal halide? I am trying to get best spectrum possible with some decent penetration. Seems the cfm is to...
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    par meter umol m2 levels for different stages.

    I searched online for the correct umol m2/s for seedlings clones vegetative & flower stages for our plant. I couldn't find the page I was hoping to bookmark. Can someone set me straight if my memory is off. Seedlings/clones 200 umol per m2/s Vegetative 500 umol per m2/s...
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    back up power for filter. keep smell down.

    Is there any thing I can do to have back up power for my ventilation setup if power goes out? Fan used 125 Watts. Would feel best with 48 hour back up. Power is liable to go out here for winter usually no more than 4 hours. Any suggestion welcome. Can't be having apt complex smelling like...
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    5x5 tent what to do for circulation

    Buying fans for circulation. Not sure how many what size I like the clip on 6" but can't find one that oscillates. What do you guys use for your tents?
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    So I was looking at a website that had nice bongs. I really want a bong with easy draw. I seen one that had 2 Fritz defusers and a cyclone action above that to keep mouth dry. What things would you look for that would let you know if it had a easy draw or not.. Water volume? Depth? Amount...
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    regular seeds vs feminized

    Until now I have just been into feminized seeds. Is there much difference between feminized and regular as far as area is concerned. I have 5x5 tent. Starting seeds under 400 mh. After they sprout and get some leaves for the light I will switch to plasma. Then add another plasma. Then...
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    am I going about Ph right way?

    So my potted outdoor grow when I watered/fed I did soil slurry test and Ph would be 7 I wanted it at 6.3 so I watered fed at 5.9 I went about Ph this way or the times I didn't Ph I gave it watered I gave it what I had previously. Is this right way? I used nectar nutrients and it's a...
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    blue lab soil Ph meter

    Anyone using this? I am using air pots and don't want to take soil slurry tests out of small containers. This is how I used to do Ph. Would this benefit me? Anyone else use these? Trying to get new stuff for my room after receiving some donations from outdoor was going to get a par meter...
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    par meters

    Anyone have experience with par meters? Trying to find good one fheap but want accuracy and quality to last. So far found sun systems handheld par meter for 240+shipping and also have hydro farm one for 140 are these both junk or merely footcandle to par conversions? How long do these...
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    need advice and info on these strains plz

    DdSo I have never flowered indoors. I have basically no experience in indoor and little eco with outdoor. My setup includes central heat and air, 5x5 tent 7ft bulb to ground with gavita 600 pro and 2 plasmas. Likely running 3x3 tray unless everyone thinks I should do 4x4.. I don't mind...
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    nitrogen fixing bacteria

    Does nitrogen fixing bacteria create any problems in soil or final product. I think they create ammonia. Xtreme Azos is product I am asking about.
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    plz set me straight 12 / 12 from seed

    What does 12 n 12 from seed do. Or week in. What about flipping before mature? This ever beneficial for anything? Any feedback from this on why doing it or not is good? What's bad about it thanks.
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    nectar for the gods nutrients

    HadJust wanted to say first plants I grew came out awesome. Used free nectar for the gods never got titans Trowl. Used the sweetener a 2 weeks to flush. Stuff is cured. It tastes amazing. I am very happy with nectar. I gave plants full dose of everything in sample box whole grow. I had...
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    plz help with plant density.

    Barneys pineapple chunk, curious how many to run under my lights starting from sees. I am using 3x3 flood table in 5x5 tent using 600w gavita and 2 plasmas. Should I do 4, 9? 3ft space for growth from top of plants. Should add I am using airpots and a coco based amended soiled mix.
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    air-pot sizing

    I am going to put 5 plants under 600w scrog. I got the .3 liter starter air pots. What size should I transplant to? I would like to transplant 2x. I don't know what sizes I should get to transplant to. I will be using nectar for the gods mix #4 media.
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    Sensi seed northern lights feminized

    Any information on Sensi Seeds Northern Lights Feminized is welcomed. Do feminized seeds still produce many different phenotypes? Anyone grown this strain have any input on deficiencies or strong resilience to bug, fungus, mold, or yield /potency. How many plants would you shoot for under a...
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    Columbian Sky

    UIs Columbian Sky suppose to taste like peanut butter?
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    5x5 tent how much cfm exhaust is to much

    How many cfm extracted from 5x5 can you do before running into problems? Is 950 cfm going to cause plants to get sunburn or drink to much?
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    torn between two lights

    The dilemma is either Gavita Pro 6oo (e) or pay $50 more and get 750 ouble Ended. I am using Plasmas on both sides of whatever fixture I go with. I got 5x5 tent and have both 3x3 and 4x4 trays. I have about 7oo-8oo cfm being filtered on exhaust. I hear so much about DE. What reasons would I...