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  1. patwi

    Ruderallis ? Is this the same as ditch weed ... ?

    Ruderallis ? Is this the same as the infamous ditch weed ...or was that just hemp ?
  2. patwi

    Your Cherry

    How and what was the setting and how old were you the first time you used the ganga ? I was 11 and it was my 17 year old babysitter that squished my brain while spending the summer at my uncles in SF... '67 ... yeah my real uncle had a female wife and a male wife and 2 kids, they were a 3 some...
  3. patwi


    just curious, from my first day here i've looked all over and seemingly can't find a delete account button .. am i high or is ..
  4. patwi


    Anyone used mylar to store cured buds ?
  5. patwi

    My Peggy's Bom Boms

    jus' me following the grand exodus .. and yeah my wife hates it when I call her Peggy
  6. patwi


    patwi is low keyed .. about it