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  1. yogi dc

    roots roots roots...

  2. yogi dc

    Nitrogen Problem.. That I can't get Fixed????

    Hi, Its been a bit since i have made a post with a problem. I do stop in every once in a while. Here my problem, 3 1/2 weeks into flowering NLxPower Plant clone. No prob. with mom About 4 feet tall BC boost and Bloom at 1700 ppm room temp. 80-90. res temp warm 80 2 hps 250 and 400 about 1 foot...
  3. yogi dc

    cosmic nights x ak48 Master kush

    This is my first real post in the last year. I have been checking-in from time to time to see whats up on the MP. Everyone looks to be doing well and we have tons of new members since i have been gone. I am still growing and much better at it now!!!! so i thought i would post some pics and some...
  4. yogi dc

    Q about a female that has been seeded

    I have a female ak-48, and i let her get fully pollonated by a male power plant. my question is does a seeded plant die after she has produced mature seeds? the seeds have started to fall off of the plant but, "Kelly" is only 5 weeks old and she looks sick. please help:confused: thanks your bro...
  5. yogi dc

    how to add weight to you buds !!!

    if you want nice fat and heave buds, just place a pice of bread in a saled contaner wait a day then open it up. you should have nice heave buds. :headbang:
  6. yogi dc

    Power plants

    i have some power plant seedlings. I was just woundering if power plant means that the plants can be put into flowering sooner then other strains?
  7. yogi dc

    just a quick ?

    i want to try to breed my own seeds but i dont have the space to keep a male bye him self. i was woundering if its ok to cut off most of his branching untill there is just one with a couple off sacks on it. Right now i am growing pappaya, cosmic lights, ak 48 and purple power!!!!!
  8. yogi dc

    Any pics of sensi star X NL

    i just recived my beans from the DOC only took four days to get them. i have a free bag of sensi star. I paid for ak-48. i was just woundering if anyone had any pics of these plants in flower and what are some of the problems they had if any at all.
  9. yogi dc

    Today is my 24th B-DAY

    today is my birthday, and i did not get a happy birthday yogi dc post, wass up with that? i have been drinking and blazzing all dam day. :p :stoned: :afroweed: :banana:
  10. yogi dc

    nute lock up?

    i was woundering is there any way that i can fix my nute lock up problem?
  11. yogi dc

    Master kush hermi

    this master kush is about five weeks into flowering and i just took some clones from her and i notice that it had been seeded. i then looked all over her and i found two pollen sacks open at the very bottom of the plant . i continued to look but i found nothing else. what could have happend? she...
  12. yogi dc

    REZ to hot..?

    Does anyone know how i could keep the temp down in my rez.. i can tell that the plants are suffering... any suggestions would be great!!!!
  13. yogi dc

    should i flower?

    This plant is only three weeks old. It is one of two that has surpassed all of the others in growth rate and they are all the same age… the top growth has changed it is no longer growing as it should. It has started to grow in to two grow shoots like as if has been topped <. The nodes are...
  14. yogi dc

    roots roots roots...

    This is my first time going dro, so can someone tell me what may be wrong with these roots. any help would be great. its is kind hard to see but the root i am talking about are the little brown ones that are dying the ph is fine its at 6.0 I am using schultz 10-15-10 the micro nutrents...
  15. yogi dc

    collage kids get busted..

    My cousin sent this one to me. now thats a higher education..
  16. yogi dc


    Has anyone ever heard of charcoal being used in a cordon srubber? its a lot cheaper the activated cardon that you can get at a pet store but will it work?
  17. yogi dc

    some pics of my babes

    I dont know if i want to start a GJ but here is some pics of sweet tooth papaya, trouble maker. they are TWO WEEKS old and growing fast. The papaya and troublemaker are only two days old. i have not placed them into a system. i am fairly new at the whole hydro thing but i wanted to give it a...
  18. yogi dc

    i got my seeds !!!!

    this is the first time i have tried to orderd seeds. i orderd from the doc on the 29th i got an email saying that they were on the way. it took only 3 business days to get them to mydoor. i orderd some nivana papaya and gots some troublemaker for free!!!!! i will start to germinate to day and i...
  19. yogi dc

    Mutt take cover!!!!

    ernesto, is on it way!!!
  20. yogi dc

    just a quick ?

    i just orderd some seeds from the doc,and the site would not let me change the curency in to US dollars. so how much is 14.99 pounds.