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    WHole grain for Nutrients...phosphorus defficiency is in grass... what could i add to the soil to substitute the phosphorus
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    WHole grain for Nutrients...phosphorus defficiency

    ok do you know where i can get phosphorus now "other then ferts wich i can not do at the moment becuase of my my question.
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    WHole grain for Nutrients...phosphorus defficiency

    i was begining to have red on my stems from lackof phosphorus and realizing that there is phosphorus in grain i figured it would not mind. would eny one know if any of these would harm the plant.: Vitamin A Vitamin C Calcium Iron Vitamin D THiamin Riboflavin Niacin Vitamin B6 Folic...
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    need to know soon as possible. (Transplanting, 3 week into flowering)

    Right now i have a Nice 5ft mother, and shes in a 5gallon bucket, all i need to know would it be a downfall to transplant now to a 20gallon pot or would it effect my yeild much becuase i know roots are a main need for bigger buds.barely showing popcorn buds, dont want to hurt it ya know. but...
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    and yes the warmth promotes root growth
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    i have took many clones, i dont use enything, just water,works just fine for me, just cut at angle dip in water plant then water soil, add a cheap plastic serane wrap humidity dome and they root and takke off from 7 - 15 days. just need a razor blade, some soil, ..water
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    plants drink too much water

    k, your plants.....they can drink as much water as you wanna give them, or as i should say as much as they can handle at one time, the more water it can consume, the more it will grow.if you gave a plant a gallon of water when its used to a couple cups...its going to over water it most likely...
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    Fresh new Cuttings...

    How ofter should i mist the clones.......
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    Too Cold? Outdoors?

    I have a few plants i want to put out doors today but was not sure if the weather was warm enuff, suns out..:) not sure thanks
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    CLones without rooting hormone

    thanks for the advice, so a nice smooth angel slice with razor. ill just make a little hole and dip cutting into water and place it. thanks thats basically it?
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    CLones without rooting hormone

    I would think why would it not be possible to clone my plants without Rootone since i dont have eny...would it matter? it mite root faster with the hormone but why not with just water? clip, and stick into soil and water under floros....with humidity dome.
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    Leaves curling

    Hey, my plant leavs after i watered them started to curl in and somwhat twist , and not sure what it means, i woudnt think overwhatering becuase they had not had water for awhile and they looked healthy and gave them water and they started this crap...sounds odd...lack of light? 8 plants under...
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    the 40w 4ft grows 7 plants
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    hey man, totally go with floros for Veg for the first Month and then give it Hps. used 4ft Fluro's with kitchen bath bulbs, 3800 Lumens each bulb x 2. you can pick up a fixture for around 10$ and get the bulbs about 5$ a peice.They work great, love how nice it starts em out for them Big halide...