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    What can it has and how do I fix it?

    Hi friends! Thanks.
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    How would my plant grow more?

    Hello g day people, I can leave it in the ground, but it only gets about 6 hours of sun, or I can put it in a pot and there move the platna to give much more hours of light, and in the strong hours put it under a spotlight at home. Of course putting prepared soil in both. What do you think...
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    Can you tell me the name of this genetics?

    Hello good day people,thanks so much.
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    Can you germinate if the summer heat is very strong?

    Hello good people that's the question! Maybe it's an old seed...or too much temperature that doesn't germinate. Thanks
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    In which position will the seed germinate in the soil ?

    Hello g day. Does it go horizontally or vertically?if vertically, which one goes up and which one goes down?thanks