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    Tinfoil or White?

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    yeah, it's me again

    what's up massproducer, thanks for the tips on the yellowing leaves, about the nutes, this was my first grow so like a dumb noobie I was using miracle grow pre-nute soil. After they were in veg for 2 weeks I started to give them nutes that I bought at the store, I only used the nutes at half...
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    yeah, it's me again

    So quick question for all the pot growing guru's out there, this is my first grow my plants are 6 weeks into flower and looking great, but a few days ago the fan leaves on the bottom of one of the plants started to wilt and die. Now I haven't changed anything I've been doing throughout the...
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    Quick ?

    my plants are 3 weeks into flower and i was wondering if anyone has any tips on LST'ing i would appreciate it. I don't want to break the stem or cause over stressing when I tie it down, this is my first grow.
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    earliest i can sample?

    I have been flowering for a while now and I was wondering what is typically the earliest i can sample a bud from my plants?
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    It's A Girl!!!

    I have been trying to get pics up for what seems like an eternity, I have a pretty nice digital camera but no usb cable, plus i'm on the iliterate side when it comes to uploading things on to my pc :o , how much is the cable?
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    Pruning,Topping,Cutting Section?

    I never thought of that (must have been too inebriated) Definately the first place I will look next time.
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    Pruning,Topping,Cutting Section?

    How about a section on how to LST,prune,cut,how to tie down, just general info and ideas about caring for your plant when it comes to trimming and topping, I know I had to look for a while and ask a some questions before I found some good info on how to maximize my yield with different pruning...
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    Stash Box contest

    There is definately 1650 seeds on that plate.
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    It's A Girl!!!

    Hey everyone, I've been flowering 2 plants for almost 2 weeks (bag seed), and today when I went to water them I noticed little white hairs coming out of the place where new leaves are growing. I've looked at alot of pictures and i'm pretty sure it's begining to bud. I was wondering if there is...
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    moving out soon

    Hey Charles, it seems like your right in the same boat as me. My plants are around 18", I just started flowering them a week and a half ago. It's bag seed so i'm not particularly sure when it will be done budding, But i'm hoping around the end of May. Just keep us posted on your grow, oh and...
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    could it turn hermie?

    That's a relief :D. Yeah, i'm def going to get a timer tonight, the plants have only been flowering for a week, so I figured it wouldn't do much damage. But you can never be too sure. Thanks Mutt.
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    could it turn hermie?

    What's up everyone, just got a quick ? for anybody who wants to answer it. Can a 20 minute differential from the time i turned the lights off one night to the time I turned them off the next night cause my plants to turn hermie? It only happened once but i'm a hypochondriac when it comes to my...
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    my babies

    looking good:) , are you using the SOG method?, if so tell me how it works out.
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    quick harvest...

    I think you're talking about (SOG) Sea Of Green, If so this should explain more... Sea of Green (SOG) is the theory of harvesting lots of small plants, matured early to get the fastest production of buds available. Instead of growing a few plants for a longer period of time, in the same space...
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    first grow inside. what do ya think?

    i'd say 8 days old
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    My plants have been growing for about 6 weeks or a little longer, they are about 1 foot tall right now, they have around 15 sets of leaves. The stem is about as thick as a pencil. I don't think i have "alternating nodes" yet, but the plants are pretty big, i mean they are "wide" i was wondering...
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    Day 26 and growing strong :D

    Out of the 3 plants i germinated and planted, only one is doing great, the other 2 are struggling along slowly but still growing. And the funny part, is the one that is flourishing is the one that went through bad shock and fell completely over and was touching the soil after I transplanted it...
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    yippie skippy

    cool cool, all great info. I will use it to my advantage. Thanks again
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    Gravity Bong / Gravity Joint