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    New hydrosystem questions.

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    overflow shutoff switch for ebb and flow system?

    Here is the situation I just built and ebb and flow system with the help of stoneybud (big ups). I want to have a overflow switch to turn off the pump off if it starts to overfill the tubs. I have a overflow hose in both of the tubs I am growing in but you never know if one of them gets...
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    Did I get High tonight? Find out NOW!!!

    Yes I did!!
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    Technical question for Experts!

    I have a fan and it pushes out 72/cubic feet of air per minute. That is way above what the formula calls for(length x volume x height of the grow room =total volume in cubic feet) "The fan should be able to replace the air in the grow room every 5 minutes." My grow area is 70 cubic feet. I read...
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    Whats your favorite Sport and/or team?

    I love playing basketball. My favorite sport to watch is football. My team is the Dallas Cowboys. They would have got to the playoffs last year if they had vanderjagt, not to mention they picked up T.O, Jason Fabini RT, Kyle Kosier G, Akin Ayodele LB, Rocky Boiman LB. Were loading up for a...
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    Enjoy the MARCH MADNESS!!

    Man this is one of the best times of the year. The madness and the beginning of the NFL season. Until your two weeks in and your team is worse than they were last year. Anyways I am in an office pool and it is awesome. I won the office pool 2 years ago against 30 people and it got me hooked...
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    1st Grow hanging buds to dry

    The only thing sexier than a naked lady is 6 of them. You can only see 4 in this pic but there are 6 in total. I stripped off all the fan leaves and left the smaller leaves near the bud on. They have been drying for 7 days on friday almost ready to be pulled out of the closet and cured. This...
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    Any use for the big fan Leaves?

    So is there any use for the big fan Leaves? It seems like a waste to throw them away.
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    So I got these screens???

    I got these two screens from the guy I bought the clones off of. One is labeled (16x20" I.D. 110 Mesh) and the other is marked (16x20" I.D. - 12XX). He labeled the first one A and the second one B. If anyone can tell me how to use these screens I would appreciate it a lot. i think he said he...
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    Lighting Q practical

    Hey I am growing in a small 2' deep x 4' wide x 8' tall. I am using a 400 watt HPS. Would it increase yield If I bought a 1000 watt instead. It seems like they get enough light already would this extra light be wasted or what?
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    Ebb and Flow systems Q's

    Ok I am growing in a 4' wide x 2' deep and 8' feet tall. I researched other methods but this seems like it is the easiest. I found a growing tray that is 2' x 4' but it is only 6 inches high, would this be sufficient for growing like 4 plants it doesn't seem deep enough.
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    1st Grow 45th day of flowering

    here are some pics. I also uploaded them in this other section but they belong here.
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    What can I expect with 8 square feet?? Just ballpark

    I am wondering about the yield I will get. I am growing in a place that has 8 square feet. 2 feet by 4 feet by 8 feet tall. I am growing in Soil I turned to 12/12 when they were 2 feet tall. Now they 2 weeks left flowering and are 3 feet tall. Does anyone know what I can expect. I think they...
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    Looking for a curing jar.

    Hey ladies and gentlemen I am looking for a jar to cure my MJ after I harvest it. Will any glass jar with a lid do? Any help is appreciated!
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    I hate how guys get hurt in football, it sucks? I want to see the good guys play at 100%.
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    1st Grow 31st day of flowering

    Enjoy guys. The guy I bought the clones off of said they were called "the dutches"
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    New hydrosystem questions.

    Hey I just bought one of those hydrofarm complete water systems. I just bought one bucket becuase I wanted to see how it worked. ( It only has as 2 gallon growing chamber and a 2.5 gallon water reservoir. Would this be big enough to grow MJ plants that will...
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    I need some help with leaf problems

    After I water my plants the leaf go pretty vertical like at a 60 degree angle is that normal. Also some of the leaf tips on one of my plants are curling down what could be causing this. Thanks for replies
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    I want to improve my grow setup?

    Hey I built a grow box that sits on the floor. My plants are growing in it right now. After this grow I want to be able to grow clones of the plants above in a grow box underneath the vegetative growbox. I am going to build legs and raise the grow box off the ground. So this is my question how...
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    quick question

    How much should I water 5 gall containers. I think I was overwatering them that is why I am asking this. Do I want overflow?