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  1. SirSmoke-a-Lot

    doctor's examination

    well in india to get a license, the doctor must examine you and see that you are fit to drive... i won't go to the exam high ofcourse but i smoked last night and it is tomorrow now... will i be at risk at all?? just a normal check of my body, and he might take a blood sample, maybe... but i...
  2. SirSmoke-a-Lot

    How much smell is there during harvest?

    Simple question, complex answers... how much smell will there be during the drying process... i know during the curing it won't be that much if they are in airtight jars, but im curious about the drying... I will be drying in a closet with the doors closed during some of the day time, and open...
  3. SirSmoke-a-Lot

    24 hour continueous rain!!

    Had 24 hours of rain non stop, more than that... and it had rained the past 4 days a little here and there... what should i do now??? one looks almost dead because its drooping soo low, the other looks fine, but starting to droop... what can i do to help them out?
  4. SirSmoke-a-Lot

    Has anyone tried them??? Check them out, they have amazing prices but I don't know if it is legit, has anyone used them?
  5. SirSmoke-a-Lot

    Confusion... help please

    1. Ok I read somewhere in this forum that if you are in the budding stage and you accidentally give some light to the plant during the dark cycle, that it reverts back to the vegging stage... is this true? 2. If this is true, since I planted late outdoors, could I just give some light to it...
  6. SirSmoke-a-Lot

    MP 4 Life

    well im baked right now and i just thought this would be cool... i want to start a gang... its called marijuana passion and i got a gang sign and everything! some people started motorcycle gangs, some mob gangs, some started crips/bloods... but i created a weed gang, that fights to the death...
  7. SirSmoke-a-Lot

    Hermie Info

    I read somewhere on this forum that any weed with seeds is most likely to be a hermie... is this true? so most bagseeds are hermies if that is true?
  8. SirSmoke-a-Lot

    Watering Help!

    I have my plants outside in pots... they get enough sunlight during the day, I just need to know how much I should be watering them. I germinated them inside and then put them in their homes outside, they are about 4-5 days old... I watered them a little bit each day right now... how much...
  9. SirSmoke-a-Lot

    Blazed? High? Stoned? Sign In Here...!!!

    everytime you get high and you come onto this site high, sign in here... i think this would be fun :) Im High :)
  10. SirSmoke-a-Lot

    Organic Question

    Well I am growing outdoors in a pot filled with soil and some manuer. I heard that this would be enough to feed the marijuana plant its whole life but then I read somewhere that marijuana plants need more nutrients. Will my plant survive without me adding anything else to it? I am not sure if...
  11. SirSmoke-a-Lot

    SirSmoke-A-Lot's Very Late Outdoor Grow!!!

    I know it is really late, but I want the experience! I am germinating about 7 bagseeds right now and 2 have cracked... I planted one of them, the more mature one, and let the others germinate some more. Right now, I am just going to use soil and some manure, in pots. I will keep you updated...
  12. SirSmoke-a-Lot

    Seeds... Help

    I am germinating some bagseeds and the bag I got seems a little old so I don't know if the seeds are any good or what. My question is... what do good seeds look like? I got different kinds of seeds in the bagseed, some are just plain and small... some are dark greenish/brownish with marks on...
  13. SirSmoke-a-Lot

    Can I plant now?

    Ok i have so many seeds from this bud that i got and I want to plant some... but can only do outdoors so if i plant now, will i get any bud off it? I don't know if it will veg at all because it is august lol. any help is thanked :) except thorns... lol and i live in india where its raining...
  14. SirSmoke-a-Lot

    urgent help!

    Ok I just realized I don't have any more blunts and the joint paper I bought doesn't light up properly and keeps going out. I tried making a pipe out of foil paper but its not working!! doesn't stay lit long enough for anything... what can i do??? I want to smoke right now!!
  15. SirSmoke-a-Lot

    Questions for the high people from a stoned person

    Well i am so baked right now so I wanna know how much do you all usually smoke in a full day... Me myself, around 3 fat blunts do the job. And I wanna know why is it that all the members of mp are so sweet and helpful :) EXCEPT THORN! LOL ... Yea what do you all prefer... bongs, pipes...
  16. SirSmoke-a-Lot

    I am posting this again, because no one responded to the other thread. Has anybody bought from them or had any experience, good or bad? I have read only one review, which was good... but that was a while back. I need some recently purchases information if possible.
  17. SirSmoke-a-Lot

    These seedbanks... good or not?

    I just checked out and their prices are pretty good... now does anyone have any experience with them?? Also I checked out and they are hosted by the same ppl as 420-seeds. They are good as well... just need to know if anyone has tried them out....
  18. SirSmoke-a-Lot

    Start to Finish

    I am planning on growing the afghan strain outdoors this coming season and I have a few questions. I will be going on vacation for a month or maybe 2 in june and july... and I wanted to know first off, how long it will take from germination to harvest time for afghan strain outdoors. Secondly...
  19. SirSmoke-a-Lot

    Storage of the good stuff

    After we cure the ladies, how can we store the weed so it will last a long time? Should we keep it in the same jars and keep them sealed off, or do we have to keep opening them to give them fresh air. Another question, does weed go bad after a long time? I know it gets really dry, but still...
  20. SirSmoke-a-Lot

    I know this seedbank has been brought up before, but I want feedback on somewhat recent purchases. I am going to order the afghan seeds... I want to know how long it will take for my seeds to arrive and the name of the company that shows up on the credit card statment, and the package, if that...