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    sun VS HPS LOL

    everybody says the light that the sun gives off is so much thousands of lumens even on a cloudy day, then why doesnt everybody just put their plants at a window or outside. its more powerfull than a hps isnt it ??
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    accedent !! need roots ?

    problem ! one of my small plants has been seperated from da roots and now there is just cut stem at the bottom, i saw it started to wilt so i put it in a cup of water and it sprung back fine. how do i make it grow roots agen, i cnt keep it in water foreva ??
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    marijuana smell gone ?

    i have plants that r well into flowering, they smelled so good an then i went away for 3 weeks when i came back they look more better but the smell has dissapeared :s anyone kno why? and does this mean that its weak?
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    how to -

    i might sound unpatient but is there any way to make ur plant grow rapid durin veg growth ?? . and also people say miricle gro is bad but ive seen a pik of someone who uses it an wow their buds r juicy and big .
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    how do u flush

    please someone tell me how to flush. if u run lots of water through ur soil it will be soaked :s
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    wen to put hps on

    when should i put on my hps light. can it work for veg aswell ?
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    how much fert to mix wiv water ?

    i have miracle gro and i dont kno how much of it to combind wiv water. anyone kno how much per plant ?
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    duno how much fert to mix wiv water ?

    i bought some miricle grow, it says to mix 1 spoon with 4 litres of water.but i dont need to mix so much, how much do u think i need to mix with a cup of water? or somthing smaller than 4 litres of water. any help is helpful :)
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    duno where to get HPS ? (i live in london)

    ppl i jus wanto kno. all these sites ppl give to get HID lights from are always american. i live in england and im looking for cheap deals i dont kno any shops in london with HID's. does anyone kno if i can order from america or where da **** i can get one :( . any help ?
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    wht is hemp ??

    what is hemp ??
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    it looked like a HPS ??

    i went to a shop and i saw a big light dat has the same shape an looks like an HPS but the man said it wasnt it was called somfing else. does anyone kno anyfing like this ?
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    how many lumens ??

    how many lumens does a mj need. and what is lumens ?
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    light spectrums & metal halide ?

    is it true that flouros sho the full light spectrum. and any info as to which lights sho wich spectrums ?. r metal halides that bad, i herd they r very hot and ther the rong spectrum of light. but if this is true how come ive seen pics of ppl growin wiv halides an they get good crop and i...
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    my pics , wht du fink for first try ?

    Do male plants grow quiker than female ones??. and heres a few of mines, tell me wht u lot think :) first time by the way.
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    should i take out male for another ??

    i have a quite big plant i think its male cos it aint showin no pistils an the smaller plants are. if i take this male plant out the pot would i be able to replant a different plant in that pot because the male is just taking up space. but if i do this the pot may have male roots left behind...
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    12/12 back to 18/6 ?

    i put my plants on 12/12 for about a week and a bit now and one of my plants show 2 tiny pistils, i think this is a female but i wanto change the light back to 18/6 to veg more cos the plant wiv pistils isnt big atal. is it ok to change back to 18/6 so they veg abit more beore flwering. any...
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    The tie down technique !!

    Ive herd alot of people tie down their plants, what is the overal reason for this? and im thinking about doing this as one of my plants is quite tall and i dont have that much space. should i do it ?? Every awnser counts people, u all have more expirience than me :D
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    Co2 !!

    I heard somwhere that u can use Beer for Co2 for the plants. if this is true wuldnt u be able to use any fizzy drinks lol .
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    hps light ??

    People im quite new to this, by what ive read it looks that hps lights are the ones for mj. i onli have flouros but i want a hps, i live in england and ppl keep givin me da price for it in $. anyone kno where i can get one from an how much will it cost in £'s . any little help counts peeps :D .
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    500 watt Halogen light wiv reflector ???

    at a shop i saw a 500 watt halogen light, wuld this be a good buy, i onli have about 6 plants an there not too big,at the moment i onli have 3 flouro's .thnx people every little help is counted