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    Yellow leaves

    My plant is on two cfl 42 watts 3 inches away, The fan and the lights are on 24/7. I 've only used Superthrive because the plant was transplanted no ferts. The bottom leaves are turning yellow what should I do.
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    I Need help

    i just transplanted my plant and some of the roots tore, her leaves are falling and the leaves are turning yellow at the bottom. Is it too late to save her? She is about a month old. Sorry I don't have any pics.
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    Help Plz

    This is my first grow and its outside, but i want to move it inside. I was wondering if the sudden move or the different light cycle will shock my plant.
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    Too much light?

    I have a small cab of about 2.5 by 1.5 by3 ft and I need to know what is enough light for this small cab, I don't wan't to have too much light. And if i have Fluorescent lights what combination should they be (cool, warm) light. Thanks,
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    Has any one heard of.....

    :confused: Has anyone heard of babydro I'm not sure if ist a real name. Can Hydro seeds grow in the soil. Thanks,
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    are these lights any good?

    I just bougth a couple of light bulbs the title says "Long life energy saving spiral lamp" and the back its says that its an epic lamp Fluorescent bulb 120 volt- 42 watt I needed to know if these lights are any good.
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    question about Cab

    Will painting the cab white from the inside reflect any light , instead of using foil? thanks
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    I am just going to grow 1-2 plants and I need to know if I need differents lights for different periods (veg., flowering) Can I just have the same lights from germ. to harvest? Can I start of with Hps lights from germ.? Any feedback would help
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    1st time grower

    I just wanted to ask a couple of questions, i've heard that if I put my plant on 12/12 hrs as soon as a week from germing that you can start flowering that soon, is this true. And how much, and what type of light for 1-3 plants.