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    Dorm Room Documentation- One bagseed- One dream

    Check the temp around the plant esp the leaves. Sounds like it is too hot or too dry. I admire your guts. It was all I could do not to try and grow in my dorm room a couple years ago.
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    So I was just sittin' smokin' and thinkin'...

    You had me at exoskelton wit a gumbi inside
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    So I was just sittin' smokin' and thinkin'...

    I could see him doing some rare fringe dug like Salvia divinorum haha. Acid seems pretty hard core for re doing lyrics. esp since your music is already written for you. Thats why I did a double take when I was thinking about it.
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    Are you a productive Pothead or a couch potato?

    I second the motion Rev! I can get things done while high since everything new I experience seems like an exciting epic quest. haha And I remain that way unless music is added into the equation. When I hear music i tend to get blinders and really tune in (pardon the pun).
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    So I was just sittin' smokin' and thinkin'...

    ... A dangerous combo for any man. I dreamed up a little question that I really was on the fence about. Its really deep.... Are you ready? Prepare yourself.... Do you think Weird Al Yankovic is a smoker? haha I leave you to discuss...
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    How Much Weed Do You Burn?

    Haha I have a problem commiting to anything, pot included. My record dry spell early on, I had a quarter and some change that lasted me a little under a year. That was smoking joints too (a lot of waste). Im ashamed. haha
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    hey, it's blonde:)

    haha thats awesome, I use to go to grow in oxford till I trans. to another "rivial" school last year. Its a small world.
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    leftys hydroponic grow room (Building a hydro ebb and flow system)

    Man fellas this thread is award winning. I just wish you would have thrown some serious pics in so idiots like me can really get a grasp on what is involved. If that makes any sense without degrading myself.
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    Flat white Vs. Mirrors?

    I just found out on Jorge Cervantes' web site that, "Mirror finish is the absolute worst reflective surface." While he was talking about hoods, I still get the point. DEAD THREAD
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    Flat white Vs. Mirrors?

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    Flat white Vs. Mirrors?

    I know most of you guys choose Flat white paint over reflectivematerial such as aluminum foil for your grow rooms, but whatabout the use of mirrors? Do they reflect the right spectrum oflight and would it be comparable to flat white? Thoughts? ps sorry about the spacing, blame microsoft word...
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    What to use to seal doors??

    If I were in the same position I would have used a black towel or sheet and cut it in, say 3 inch wide strips and then thumb tack it on the back side of the doors to span the gaps. So it blacks light and is flexible and does not interfere with the working action of the doors, because I have a...
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    Well Im Back

    I know, how caddish of me.
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    Well Im Back

    Your a mod too? Thats great! haha I remember when you put on the halloween mask and "executed" your plant. That was great.
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    No Stinky Body, But A Whole Lotta Pot In Home

    How great is that! The smell was so think and dank they thought someone had died..... haha
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    Well Im Back

    So I’m dragging my sorry ass back to the thread trenches after my 7 month vacation. I left you guys after I had to take my plants outside when I was going on Spring Break. Well, long story short I came back to find my plants missing and a Sheriff’s Dept. card in their place.:eek: On...
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    First-Time Outdoor Grow (PICS)

    Liar liar pants on fire.... haha
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    Deer Deturrents

    Astra is on the right track for sure. When we "prank" other hunting camps we go to salons (even more smelly because of the chemicals) and get bags of hair to spread out around stands. Although we ask for the hair, we dont do it fight club style.... Too bad it would be much cooler if we did.
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    emergency move!

    Oh its GOING to rain. Im not even worried about it. It will live or its not. I moved them out under two diffrent fir like trees that should block most of the rain and its blowing like a real bastard outside but the trees blocks 99% of the wind. Although the wind does not bother me because while...
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    emergency move!

    Well boys its Zero Hour. Time to move my plants. Im putting a black trash bags over them, putting on my black fleece, some good running shoes (that i will not need I hope) and grabbing my flashlight. Im about to make the treck out to the woods....... Update later, I hope