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  1. rev.clone


    i found a cheap great fan at wal-mart. it's a Lasko space-saving task fan. It pivots, not oscelates, and it's small. it won't work for a cabinet but it's great for sprouts and clones. really quiet and it costs under $10.00.
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    Fox Farm

    TY tallslim!!! I have a few questions if you don't mind.... 1. what FF soil and additives do you use? (basically your soil mixture) 2. what if any ferts. do you use?? FF, earth juice, ect.......
  3. rev.clone

    C22 Cabinet

    thanks......i'm a little worried about heat in the summer months now. I don't have central a/c and that's an issue. i'm hoping to get away with a 250 hps and some floro's. i'm just not sure what to do now.
  4. rev.clone

    C22 Cabinet

    OK, were can someone pick up one of these?? I'm looking for the wordrobe one. Thanks.
  5. rev.clone

    Fox Farm

    I was going to try the soil (ocean forest) and nutrients from them. I found a place in the area so i thought i would give it a shot.
  6. rev.clone

    grow with just HPS

    Is it possible to grow good greens with just a 400 watt HPS??
  7. rev.clone

    Fox Farm

    Is their product any good??
  8. rev.clone

    Rumor has it that G13

    they grew it for medical studies. Stupid Fact: Gov. Laguardia of N.Y was given some to use for a study in the side effects. His study contradicted the U.S. govt. findings and caused him some grief. This was a long time ago also............
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    New Drip Systems + CO2 (BB-WW)

    where did u get the reflector??
  10. rev.clone

    New Drip Systems + CO2 (BB-WW)

    thanks....i'm putting CF that i got at my marine store around the plants. I have 6 24" 40 watts and the one 400 watt now. i'll keep you updated with the progress.........
  11. rev.clone

    New Drip Systems + CO2 (BB-WW)

    could you place the bulb like that for soil also with great results?? i'm not using a closet rather an open space. I have a 400 watt hps and mh for the kids. also, if you think of how many ppl have marine tanks heat sigs. are everywhere. a buddy has 1500 watts on his reef tank alone, and he...
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    does a 500 watt pc power supply pull more power a month than a 400 watt hps??
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    Ok, the girl and I are thinking of a trip to B.C. Going overseas is not an option with my disability. Anyone have any recommendations for places to go when we are there?? we are thinking of making it a 7-10 day trip. thanks, Rev.Clone May your plants be healthy and your harvest...
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    Mh light

    how hot will a ballast get?? Is it a fire hazard???
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    ok....thank you
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    Will the heat from a 400 watt mh or hps be an issue in a 12'x12' room? no cabinet just open in the room. I'll put a few fans in there just to keep thing moving. Thanks
  17. rev.clone

    The New CFL`s - explained!

    cool!!! I have a bunch of CPF here at the house. SAM's sometimes has them in bulk!
  18. rev.clone

    lights and reflector?

    WOW the insidesun stuff is alot cheaper!! Will the ballast got real hot with 250 watts?? if not I may have found some lights and saved over $100!!! Thanks man!!!!!!!!!!! Update: would i want the white or chrom reflector?? 250 watts in a bedroom should be ok with heat?? i would put a...
  19. rev.clone

    lights and reflector?

    after hunting the web i found a switchable 400 watt with a supersun reflector for $300 US with shipping. This is so far the cheapest i have found. Here is the site any comments????
  20. rev.clone

    can you use dry ice for co2

    no kidding beer?? how do you set that up??