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  1. Flyinghigh

    Custom box help.

    Go full sheet of plywood 8ft tall and still go through door ways, either way u might need help moving it anyhow at 6 ft tall. Don't forget u need a small oscillating fan in there and wall mount is better .. Vent out on top as heat raises and cool air vent on bottom and screen it to keep bugs...
  2. Flyinghigh


    I know there the best, but beggars can't be choosey and my payment plan got to be cheap enough...
  3. Flyinghigh


    No just when the power goes out and this might be a bad year here in Arkansas this time. We lost power 2 yr ago for a week due to snow and I was lucky enough not to have any plants growing, so I want to make sure I am set up for this grow. I am so tired in buying mexican cartel crap and...
  4. Flyinghigh


    I think the well down about 900 ft I believe, but I would have to check and yes it 220 pump, and yes I looking for 220 outlet on it. Yes I am going to run everything 3 tv and refrig, freezer, computer, WiFi if poss.,DVD player,and the house light I can leave off and use lanterns, but my other...
  5. Flyinghigh


    Hey I am thinking of going on a payment plan for a generator and was wondering if any of you growers use them.? Can anybody tell me what a good size to run my house and water well, and grow room only has 1k light, 4 outlet air pump, fan, exhaust fan. I thinking of a 7500 watt or 5000 watt...
  6. Flyinghigh

    2)-600 watts vs 1)-1000 watts

    Well u all makes some good points. It all about trial and errors as we learn to grow and I know that to well..
  7. Flyinghigh

    2)-600 watts vs 1)-1000 watts

    Well it was a thought of cheap, save money.. after building a 3k work shed 16wx20Lx16 overall height.. I think I'll just buy a temper glass.. Ty and Ty all.
  8. Flyinghigh

    2)-600 watts vs 1)-1000 watts

    Trying to use with what I got as a windowshield for hood.
  9. Flyinghigh

    2)-600 watts vs 1)-1000 watts

    My room is 6Wx8Lx8H and I am going to rebuild my hood to hold two 1k bulbs and put in exhaust fan to drawl heat out, the hood be 6ft X 4ft x 12 inch flange or so with thin window glass. Not for sure if I am going this way just yet. Can't wait to restart my grow soon..
  10. Flyinghigh

    2)-600 watts vs 1)-1000 watts

    Ok thinking of buying 2)-600 watts hps to go into a 6x8 room. Will this be enough lighting.? I am trying to keep the electric down and figure 2- 600 watts would be better then 2)-1000 watts and still grow 8 plants without any problems. Any info will help..
  11. Flyinghigh

    watering times

    When I did water farm I keep the water up to bottom of the net pot and set the timer to pump the drip system every 4 hours for 15 min with a 12 hour timer and leave the air pump running 24/7. It seems to work for me.
  12. Flyinghigh


    Alway run fans 24/7 in room. Always run fresh and exhaust fans 24/7..
  13. Flyinghigh

    the 4th

    Happy fourth July all u green thumb growers. Be safe.
  14. Flyinghigh

    Breaker Problem as summer here

    Well Crap I figure u all would say that. Lol Guess going with what I was going to in the first place and put another box on side of house with new wire and then new box under meter and run #2 wire to that new box and so on.. Money money all pocket change lol. Ty all for my conclusion
  15. Flyinghigh

    5 months and down sides of colorado mj

    This is a bunch of HOG WASH stuff that make Marijuana looks bad.. Be nice to try some edibles to see how the effect is. Chocolate chip cookies r good even with high grade marijuana is in it, but to eat 36 dozen with a glass of milk is insane anyhow.. This guy must of been on some other...
  16. Flyinghigh

    Breaker Problem as summer here

    I built a shed that 16ft wide by 20ft long that 8ft height, with 2 lofts for storage that 8ft tall loft total height of shed is 16ft tall and it need power and the Meter box is about 20ft away from shed.
  17. Flyinghigh

    Breaker Problem as summer here

    Ok all you Good Folks.!! How you all doing.? Sorry I haven't been posting any Crops in a long time, but to much of this and that B.S.. Ok summer time is here again "YUCK" "YUCK" rather have colder so I don't have to worry about this breaker problems. Here what I got, Main breaker on...
  18. Flyinghigh

    A Message for MarP

    Been here for years and learned everything here at Mr Mp folks. What a Great bunch... Would like to see the "Like" click button back.
  19. Flyinghigh

    wood-working hobbies

    Nice bird houses... I am almost don't with my shed and I am going to make bird houses and bunk beds, to support my cost of growing... I have nonething better to do is grow my weed and make things out of wood..
  20. Flyinghigh

    when smoking do you hold it in

    Ok Clinton. Lmfao