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  1. SativaWeed

    The Person Below Me (Off topic game)

    True! Rushing home to my stash! TPBM now knows i just farted:eek:
  2. SativaWeed

    Over 50?......anyone?......

    Two years out from hitting 50 this month. Back in my humble youth starting in 75* it was four finger deep $30.00 bags of weed and lots and lots of hash. Heh. Miss all that sweet hash.
  3. SativaWeed

    The Person Below Me (Off topic game)

    Nah, already been TPBM is watching the superbowl
  4. SativaWeed

    The Person Below Me (Off topic game)

    True - and that's not all TPBM has cottonelle mouth
  5. SativaWeed

    Anyone up for a Song Title Game?

    Into THE black - Neil Young
  6. SativaWeed

    Message to a friend.

    Mom, I feel both greatfull and regretfull that you understand the pain. I too, don't wish it on anyone. It IS a physical thing from the phsycological realm. It's ****
  7. SativaWeed

    The Person Below Me (Off topic game)

    true ,and I am tpbm wants to wear bermuda shorts
  8. SativaWeed

    Message to a friend.

    Untill you've been there, you have NO idea how deep the abyss of depression is. Sure you've been sad, boohoo. But it didn't HURT. The kinda hurt you begin to believe only the cold harsh grip of death could bring. It's harsh and not peaceful because the abyss is so deep that the thought of having...
  9. SativaWeed

    Painterdudes Art Club

    man, you are stoned......:D
  10. SativaWeed

    Dog ate trimmings

    My cat ate a gram of hash once,flipped out for bout ten minutes then sat and licked his nuts for half an hour and slept till the next day,got up and drank half his water dish went outside and and came back later on with a chipmonk in his mouth! Munchies I figured.
  11. SativaWeed

    Anyone stoned at the moment?

    once again, all I can say is YES!!!!!!!
  12. SativaWeed

    You smoke at work?

    I work at an "organic" grocery store which is in to holistic health and all that jazz so there's zero drug testing. I never, ever get baked at work but a couple one-hits on breaks and a small bowl full for lunch allows me to deal with the self-important assbags that shop in our store.
  13. SativaWeed

    Anyone stoned at the moment?

    Haven't posted on the forums inna while. Yes, I am stoned at the moment. Have been baked since early this morning while I watched it snow and snow.
  14. SativaWeed

    Name all side effect of Marijuana

    Hey Fly, I'm 47, had a heart attack in 2006, and smoke DAILY...all day...and it just makes me horny. I love to smoke up and farm:hubba: . You may want to consider professional advice for your own wellfare. Who knows what the underlying problem really could be. I personally wouldn't take a chance...
  15. SativaWeed

    Hey Family: Thanksgiving recipes and secrets in the kitchen

    I like to concentrate on my stuffing using toasted herbed (not THAT kind) bread cubes , adding the usual celery/onions (sauted') then throw in dried cranberrys, toasted slivered almonds -chopped cashews-pecans-walnuts and fresh pinenuts all moistened with stock from the Turkey neck and gizzards...
  16. SativaWeed

    Anyone up for a Song Title Game?

    Penny on the TRAIN track -- Ben Kweller
  17. SativaWeed

    Favorite Pothead quote??

    "Beware of bein' the roller, when there's nuthin left to roll" Shel Silverstein, from 'The Great Smoke Off'.
  18. SativaWeed

    Favorite Pothead quote??

    "Old King Cole was a merry old soul, and a merry old soul was he. He called for his pipe and he called for his bowl. Now we know why he was such a jolly old soul!" - George Carlin.
  19. SativaWeed

    how many times?

    You use yer mouth prettier than a twenty dollar *****. I wake and bake every morning, hit it on every break and at lunch ,then on the way home a bowl burns, the all night till the final hit before shut eye. Too much too often?? NO SUCH THING!!!:D
  20. SativaWeed

    Is your family cool or do you hide that u smoke?

    I don't smoke in FRONT the family but they all know and don't give me any grief about it.