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  1. HippyInEngland

    Just checking in.

    Hi Guys, just passing through, the passion is still strong, as is the same for this site, I see this forum has had a major re build, very different to how the old style was, so I guess someone else owns it, remember to use a VPN and hide your ISP address. Sometimes I'm a prisoner, Sometimes...
  2. HippyInEngland

    Old members re visiting, come and say hello again.

    Hi guys, I used to be a regular, life gets in the way and sometimes we have to let some things settle down. Feel free to come and re post a comment to let other oldies know you are still kicking the dirt. :peace:
  3. HippyInEngland

    Teach me about vaping

    Several people have died trying to vape canna oil and HBO using a normal on the market vape pens and mods in the UK. Be warned. :peace:
  4. HippyInEngland

    Any ideas?

    Once a pathogen is in and shows itself you have no option but to destroy the vessel it is surviving in/on, a full wipe is needed. :peace:
  5. HippyInEngland

    DWC/RDWC Fungal Outbreaks – Treatment or Prevention… what’s your preference?

    If you plan on going for a 3 or 6 month walk surely it is wise to make sure you wear the best footwear you can. The same goes for plants. Give them comfortable shoes and they will walk the distance, give them old dirty footwear and they will give up half way. :peace:
  6. HippyInEngland

    An old funny from 2009

    http://www.marijuanapassion.com/forum/showthread.php?t=38984 I just re read it by accidentally finding it. Some old names from the past. 7 pages long, tough reading, hang in there. :Peace:
  7. HippyInEngland

    Staggered Harvests

    Give an Auto as much light as you have without burning it. 24hr from week 2. When the top is ready, the whole plant is ready, top 1/3 will give you it most potency, you then have 2 choices, keep the lower buds as reserve lower hit smokes or use them for cooking with making them into butter or...
  8. HippyInEngland

    What is up with my leaves-you decide

    Too much Nitrogen. Can you give any NPK values? :peace:
  9. HippyInEngland

    SAFE picture posting - Question

    When you connect your camera to your comp 99% of camera's have the gps hidden in the picture file, it is easy to find, I will not tell you how. To overcome this..... When the picture from your camera shows on your comp screen, take a screen shot, edit the screen shot in whatever image prog you...
  10. HippyInEngland

    Photography anyone?

    Attractive picture.
  11. HippyInEngland

    Happy Holidays Peeps

    Merry Christmas everyone, tell people you love them, giving gifts is simply giving gifts, telling someone you love them as you look in their eyes is much more than a simple gift. :peace:
  12. HippyInEngland

    New on this Forum

    WARPD ,,,, RUNNNNNNN run away, if you stay here it will infect your blood, you will find the addiction draws you back again and again. :peace:
  13. HippyInEngland

    Do I need CO2?

    Plants only use CO2 during a light period. 20-30,000 years ago the atmosphere had 1,500 ppm CO2 in it, plants were able to use this easily to aid growth, all plants today still have that ability, but normal atmosphere today has only 350 ppm, the theory is if you increase the PPM to 1.200 in the...
  14. HippyInEngland

    is this photoshoped?

    Hello tokin, yes it is fake, trust nothing you see or read on the internet until you can prove it is real. The background picture shows a yellow glow, this is caused by a high pressure sodium, the bud pic is white. Have you ever seen a bud at the bottom of a plant with trichomes like that? If...
  15. HippyInEngland

    burned top of plant..will it live

    The plant is in flower. Hello 780blazed, the damage is not going to fix itself, eventually the burnt necrosis will spread on those leaves, when they curl cut them off, they will offer the plant nothing but the plant will still try to send sugars to those leaves. The lower leaves will take...
  16. HippyInEngland

    please help!! im confused, pistols and buds

    Looks like lack of light to me, not enough lumens causing the stretch, take a picture further back, you are trying to get too close making the pictures blur, we need to see the whole plant, plus what it is growing in. :peace:
  17. HippyInEngland

    Cindy 99

    A couple of years ago I searched for Cindy99, if I remember correctly THG was after some, I searched EVERY place I knew, from small seed sellers to large seed sellers to all my private contacts, nobody had any genuine Cindy99 seeds, I think the Cindy99 that is being banded as Cindy99 are either...
  18. HippyInEngland

    Funny Pics Thread....

    Lets see if I remember how to do it.
  19. HippyInEngland

    Say What? The Literal Meanings of 30 English Words

    All good my end HL, kinda got rid of the gnat that kept trying to bite my ***, so will be popping in more. :peace:
  20. HippyInEngland

    Say What? The Literal Meanings of 30 English Words

    The origins of the words ‘England’ and ‘The English’ The words ‘English’ and ‘England’ come from the Anglo-Saxon. The Anglo-Saxons were not a single people, and may not have been even a formal confederation originally. Primarily made up of Jutes...