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    wood-working hobbies

    I do scroll saw work. Like stash boxes and stuff. Get high and play with power tools :)
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    when smoking do you hold it in

    I'm greedy I try to hold it till nothing comes back out :)
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    Can weed be good with no crystals?

    Over grow the government!
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    Our governor was totally against legalizing it but can't hardly wait to spend the tax money. They are going to kill their golden goose. Taxes are too high people won't buy the legal stuff so the cartels are cashing in. Part of the reasoning for legalizing it was to cut out the "dealers" but hey...
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    How many strains does one person need?

    We have a loose co-op everyone grows different strains then we trade /share . Sometimes it looks like the top shelf at the dispencery but it's all better weed.
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    Sooo, what's Life like in Colorado?

    I live in western Colorado been here 55ish years. Legal weed is too **** expensive. I been growing my own for probably 25 yrs so the laws never bothered me anyhows. The air is thin and dry.the soil is thin and rocky. The season is short. Winter is long. Everything is expensive. The governor went...
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    Just another crappie Monday

    a pond a fly rod and a doobie life is good
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    good afternoon everyone. long time no type here. winter always makes me hibernate with a pot belly stove and a bag o weeds. but here it is spring again and time to wake and streatch look around the ol world and see who else made it. good to see ya`ll again. hope i wasnt missed too much just a...
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    powdery mildew on the rise

    well hello again all my friends... just reading and seeing the references to burning sulphor ummm here is my story about burning sulphor. it wasnt to cure any powderey mildew tho. i moved into an old house and it had scunks liveing under the floor. i got tired of the smell and someone sugested...
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    got a very good ? everyone pleas

    they put all the seeds in the middle of a table and set flowers and candy on one side of the table and guns and foot balls on the other side of the table turn out the lights over night and the seeds sort them selves out. females to the flowers males to the guns the ones left in the middle of...
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    very very important message...

    a clean slate or a cleaning slate? how did ya know i broke my tray? thanks guys
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    Green Crack

    i like to keep my smokin herbs seperate. weed over here close to my heart tobacco way over there by the door like an unwanted guest an never the 2 shall mingle
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    Pretty sad, huh?

    whats the temp? if it is too chilly (below say 65ish f) they wont take up nutes.
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    big Question!! did i screw up badd?

    when seeds fall in nature noone makes sure they are faceing the right way. it wood have been benifical to put it tip down the first go but i wooda left it to nature after that but hey who knows maybe the will to survive is great enough to over come the set backs.
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    a little need to know?

    ya can lead a horse to water but ya cant make them drink.
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    Growing in a shed

    i have been toying with a passive solar thought. if i store some 55 gal drums of water close to the lights they will hopefully absorb the heat from the lights and slowly radiate it when the lights go out. i grow under dirt and it does get cold abt 50`sh to b exact.
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    hps vs mh for flowering

    when it comes to light i feel that sum is good more is better an too much is just abt right. dont skimp on it.
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    My little rant

    lol all my clones turned out to b girls ;) grinnn..
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    Puff Busted !!!

    **** no growing for a week wood hurt me bad.. much less the rats haveing my girls ackkkkk..... sory to hear of yer bad luck mann....
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    Do Clones Have To Adjust To Outside?

    gotta luv harvest time.