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    lights or sun ????

    noelk,switching from sun to floros could stress them causing more males.Ive done it with clones but its not recomemded.As far as hours per day you should really keep the cycles the same ,again very stressful and they can hermie of turn male.You are much better off to leave them under the...
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    Wet dry cycles

    Thanks for the sticky,very nicely written.I read a thead by lucus,and he says,look at all the leaves on the plant,amagine stuffing the plant in a water bottle,thats how much you should water,no more.Just my two cents.I started to get away from extra perlite,its not worth it.The perlite is a BIG...
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    1st week of flower!

    ROKEN,whats the deal with the kahuna,you said its a great indoor strain can you tell me more.I have one of those thazexsk#1its about20'' tall in a 6'' pot,its starting to look hairy,cant wait for that one.I think youll love the white satin very nice smoke.Great job by the way which i could do...
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    Brita water filtration

    I use a pure filter same thing.I started using one because we have a well(lots of people off this well)last year all my plants strarted dying even my veg.For the life of me i couln't figue out why.Well about 2 months later iI got a letter from the park saying are water was contaminated.I lost...
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    white lightning and kalichakra?

    G48911,I haven't grown kalichakra yet but i have grown white satin,speed queen,and now i got some satoris going.If you PM me i can tell you were to go to find the grows of kal.I just dont want to casuse any problems with this site.All mandla strains are awesome you wont believe the vigor these...
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    Second Grow - Bubblelicious <> Blue Mystic

    Peacekiller,those look very nice.I grew bubblelicious a while back it a very nice tasty strain with lots of trics,i think you'll like.Good Luck & Stay Safe!!
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    whats the secret?

    krazycraker,usally air buds are caused from high temps,as far as streching,ive never had my plants even double in hieght during flower.The best trick to keeping down the strech is keeping your day and night temps as close as possible.I always make sure my cab fan is set to low during the...
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    1st Grow W/ Real Strain(bubblelicious-nirvana)

    I grew some of that a while back very tasty strain lodded with trics,i was very happy with the outcome.Good Luck & Stay Safe!!
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    It takes about 4-6 weeks.
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    1st week of flower!

    Awsome setup and strains keep up the good work.Stay Safe!!
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    indoor..going OUTSIDE

    I would just put them out in the morning before 9 lights out.People has asked questions about moving there cycles around. Example:Im running my dark cycle at night but i want to change it to day so i can take advantage of cooler night temps.How do i change this without scewing up my 12/12 cycle...
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    not sure where to put this

    Im very sorry to here that.Listen to what Thai User said he makes alot of good points.Stay strong.PS I think maine is a good place to live I grew up there.
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    seed problems

    First you want to keep them in the dark until they pop out of the soil.A heating pad on low under the pots also helps to germ them.I hope you used twesers to put the seeds in the dirt(tap root down)only about 1/2" deep.When the tails are out of the seed like that they are very senitive,try not...
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    Ventilation problem

    TwisItUp,those suncourt fans suck,ive tried them before not very good at all.Also your carbon subber is made for a certain cfm(cubic feet/minute)that suncort will never give you the cfm you looking for.For a subber you need a inline or a dayton blower.Like peacekiller said get a speed...
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    Updates B-52 pics.....

    WOW what a monster!Great job,i bet you cant wait to smoke her.I believe people put buds in paper bags to make sure the buds are good and dry brfore jarring so they dont get mold,its not needed ive never done it.Again really nice job,you've got the greenie thums.
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    Miracle grow (soil)

    A friend of mine uses it with good results as far as bud size he also uses monster bloom in flower,but i dont like the tastes of his buds,i would sudgest a really good flush at the end.Good Luck & Stay Safe!
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    Heat Issue

    For proper neg pressuer in a cab your intake should be 11/2 times the size of your exhaust.Example a 6" exhaust should have a 9" intake.Good luck,hope you get them temps down.PS if you have a 6" hole for intake just make a 3" one beside it.
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    lets do some growing!

    Thanks 85c & sportcardiva,im sure i will like it here and learn lots.Thats whats great about growing you never stop learning.It sure is addicting,more then toking in my opinion.Stay Safe!!
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    lets do some growing!

    Thanks for the warm welcome,bigbudsbruddha,smokeybear,andslowmo77.I hope all your grows are going well;stay safe!
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    lets do some growing!

    BBFan,thanks and welcome yourself,hope your grow is going well.