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  1. Ilikebigbuds

    seed VS clone

  2. Ilikebigbuds

    I am soooo freaked out!

    My love is doing much better and so am I! Thanks for all your support this has been crazy and educational to say the least! we as you all can guess, I talked to my Attorney first thing Monday morning, and we see him tomorrow morning. he is going to get the names of my visitors and send...
  3. Ilikebigbuds

    I am soooo freaked out!

    I do not sell what I grow for profit, I grow for me and my family. I always have. that is why I was so confused as to why someone would snitch. it was a guy in lansing who does grow to sell for profit and I guess he decided to be an jerk. and He found out cuz he was a super good...
  4. Ilikebigbuds

    I am soooo freaked out!

    just for the record, I have a decoy computer that is clean as a whistle. I play with you guys on a lap top that they will never find. They have no idea, I truly believe they underestimated me. If they do come back with paper they will lose face again. my house is super clean. top to...
  5. Ilikebigbuds

    I am soooo freaked out!

    So then the county fuzz goes to the back of the truck and pulls out the bags and holds them up for the undercover whatevers standing back watching and waiting for the word from the county boy that he found some weed in the bags. but all he found where clothes, so he looked some more and went...
  6. Ilikebigbuds

    I am soooo freaked out!

    You guys are great, I knew I could find understanding here. My love is going to be okay, and will be home in the morning. it was stress related and the fact he had not had anything to eat that day. we where such a nervous mess we couldn't eat that night. they did show badges, and...
  7. Ilikebigbuds

    I am soooo freaked out!

    my attorney said just take it all down and put it into my basement storage, lights and stuff. it is all clean as a whistle now. I live in MI -- these county guys make me sick!
  8. Ilikebigbuds

    I am soooo freaked out!

    I found him face down in the hall about 2 am this morning. he had a stroke about 5 years ago, his little brother (who was 43) died suddenly of a massive stroke about 4 weeks ago, then his little sister (who was 43) died of a massive hart attack 2 week before that had happened. when is rains in...
  9. Ilikebigbuds

    I am soooo freaked out!

    Okay, I get home from the dentist yesterday, before I can even get out of the truck three cars pull in our drive behind us and five guys approach me and my husband, explaining they had an anonymous tip that we are growing mj here and would like to do a quick walk through of my house. I asked...
  10. Ilikebigbuds

    smokers mustread

  11. Ilikebigbuds

    Forum posting and you

    Thanks Billy! I feel so much more confident about posting now!:holysheep:
  12. Ilikebigbuds

    What do you make of this

    could it just be lots of new growth? new growth will be a light shade of green also. just a thought.
  13. Ilikebigbuds

    Slowmo's Blush and Kult grow

    where's those PIC'S???????
  14. Ilikebigbuds

    Leaves dying

    I make sure to flush my girls before I put them into flower, and at week 4 of flower and this has seemed to slow the yellowing and dropping of fan leaves. I use GH products and r/o water with sweet and silica blast. happy growing!
  15. Ilikebigbuds

    1st grow... indoors

    Looking very nice. don't be afraid to keep the bottom of your plants trimmed, it will help you maintain them when they start to flower.
  16. Ilikebigbuds

    Sorry guys

    Wow, I must have been really stoned the last time I came to play, who offended who? and why? can we still get high?
  17. Ilikebigbuds

    Best concert?

    I have not been to a concert in over 15 years, I think the last concert was a freebie at MSU and it was cheap Trick. I loved it! it was great fun! I have been to over 50 concerts, all back in the 70's and 80's my fav was Rolling Stones at cobo hall, dont remember the year, I think it was 1982...
  18. Ilikebigbuds

    I'm stepping down as moderator today

    I'm Glad you'll still be coming around the play ground! your too much fun! :p
  19. Ilikebigbuds

    NorCals Sour Diesel (aka ECSD) grow

    Hey there Miss MOM, your a married gal your self! I know cuz I saw the pictures!:holysheep: and I should tell Hal I'm sorry for being so forward, I was really high last night and I just get all weak in the knees when I see garden art like yours. Sigh,.... such a hunky man you are!;) ;)...
  20. Ilikebigbuds

    NorCals Sour Diesel (aka ECSD) grow

    I think I love You!Are you married? looking to be? LOL just kidding! maybe!:eek: after 25 year I guess I'll keep my guy, but I dream of a man who can grow like this!:holysheep: A joking aside! You are wonderful! thank you for sharing with us.:D