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    NEVER take ANYTHING for granted

    Hi GSS, it's good that you are staying alert and on-point about any potential "leaks" about the activities in your personal space. Be well, and stay safe.
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    good morning all

    Good morning everyone. Melissa, I saw your pics last night - great job! Take care all and enjoy this beautiful day.
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    The Person Below Me (Off topic game)

    False Actually went to be early. TPBM had toast this morning.
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    Old Hippie's Outdoor Monsters 08

    Good God Hippy - you've created some monsters! :eek: I stopped by the site and found you to have the mojo working for ya! Congratulations on your GREEN thumb - you're quite the gardener my friend! :)
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    The Person Below Me (Off topic game)

    False. My name is Dadgumit (who is tbpm?!) :evil: LOL TPBM: has some killer in their stash. :D
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    hello everyone

    Hello, and best of luck to you on your new found hobby. :) Welcome to the site!
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    Hello - hope you're enjoying the site! :D
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    good morning all

    Hi everyone...ladies and gentlemen...I hope everyone here is revelling in the richness of being alive!!
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    Lowryder #2 Random Allsorts Grow!!

    Hey there Thorn - "Congrats" on your anniversary (belated :o ) and on getting some PRIMO off of your NL! WTG with the green thumb!! :farm: Poor bloke (your fella), "A woman in the kitchen is dangerous... but a woman in the garden is DEADLY!" lol :D
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    OG and Bubba Kush...the lie

    Whoa.... :shocked: You know, I was given what was (supposedly) some OG Kush and I thought to myself, "If THIS is OG Kush what in the **** are people so hyped aobut???" Just like the video said, it smelled pretty good, a little different, and it had SOME red hairs - but I was less than...
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    MM card application

    Thanks for your support. :) I've read recently that you folks "over the pond" are having a not-so-great time with your government regarding mj. It seems as though someone has been whispering in the ears of the Canadian Parliament too because they have taken a decidedly right-wing stance...
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    MM card application

    Thanks alot Thorn... Yep, I'm in the US (which is why I'm so unsure of the outcome!) Just one thing tho' - it's SISTER my friend! :laugh: (...checking to make sure all "parts" are accounted for!)
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    MM card application

    Hi everyone, So the time has come... Tomorrow I submit the forms for my state's Medical Marijuana Program to my doctor for professional verification of medical necessity. From there, my application goes to the Department of Health for approval/denial. Surprisingly, this will all be...
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    The Person Below Me (Off topic game)

    Couldn't be MORE true! The person below me has a pet cat.
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    Grandparenthood just hours away!!

    Awwwww (hug) ...it's a big day for you and the people closest to you... I'm just glad you shared your happiness with all of us! :) And don't worry - I'll be baking those brownies soon! LOL!
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    New to forum

    Welcome aboard Dagmar
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    WORST munchie meall!

    :rofl: That's some pretty funny stuff Banjo...
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    Grandparenthood just hours away!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY ADDELAIDE!!! :baby: Here's one to you and blessings for your family! :48:
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    Pot-growing Operation Discovered in Lycoming County

    Poppy pods??? Sadly enough, this could be a bad ride for all involved...
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    WORST munchie meall!

    (This is a twist on the Rehab is for Quitters post :) ) What is the WORST munchie combination that you have ever put together?? I once made a sandwich of: tunafish, American cheese, canned mushrooms, potato chips and dill pickles (it was SOOO good at the time!) Or Honey Nut Cheerios in...