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  1. bigbudsbruddah

    Bex does the things

    Buttercup looks delicious. Bet she will taste fire out of that volcano
  2. bigbudsbruddah

    BBB's Closet 2.0

    Yeah me to, was a bit surprised with the amount of amber heads on #2. Gonna have to keep an eye on her. She will be ready soon.
  3. bigbudsbruddah

    BBB's Closet 2.0

    So busted out my new cheapo handheld microscope here's what I got. All these are off of sugar leaves about half way up my plants. #2 - surprised to see as much amber as I do. What do you guys think? The fan leaves haven't started to yellow yet. Figured I was at least 2 weeks out yet, now I'm...
  4. bigbudsbruddah

    Hello world

    Welcome to MP. We have some pretty smart people here that will gladly help you out.
  5. bigbudsbruddah

    Crash Journal

    Interested to see how this experiment goes. I love the outside the box thinking. Looking good my friend.
  6. bigbudsbruddah

    BBB's Closet 2.0

    Well I was away for the weekend celebrating 10 years of marriage with Mrs. BBB. I threw together my veg tub the day before we left. So was a bit worried about all my babies. But let me tell you they love bathtub living. I had it mostly sealed up(just a corner loose where the fan is to let in...
  7. bigbudsbruddah


    Welcome slab, I like what you got going there. You should start up a journal so we can follow along :)
  8. bigbudsbruddah

    Weedseedsexpress Sponsored Grow

    Good luck. Gonna keep the journal on this thread?
  9. bigbudsbruddah

    SubGirl’s grow with new Spider Farmer SF-2000 light

    That outdoor plant is looking very nice :) Look forward to watching work your magic on these autos. I am playing with one right now myself.
  10. bigbudsbruddah

    Auto's Done Carty's Way

    Looking top notch! Thanks for all the info, getting ready to repot my sour stomper soon. I will just throw it in my flower closet under 12/12 for 2 weeks she how she likes it :)
  11. bigbudsbruddah

    BBB's Closet 2.0

    Its official I am bathtub vegging now. Gives me extra room and easier to get to :) Next project turning old veg closet into drying closet.
  12. bigbudsbruddah

    Auto's Done Carty's Way

    Looking forward to seeing these babies grow. Currently growing a mephisto Sour Stomper, first attempt at auto and Currently moving back and forth between veg and flower room so it gets all the light it can. What kind of light cycles you use carty?
  13. bigbudsbruddah

    BBB's Closet 2.0

    Stated work on my new veg/mother plant room. My current veg room is just to small. I will use current veg room as my drying room. Enjoy my new vegging bathtub :) Light should be here tomorrow so I can finish and move over then.
  14. bigbudsbruddah

    Growing in a green house rookie!

    They're looking good man. Don't stress the small stuff the plant will tell you when things are going wrong.
  15. bigbudsbruddah

    TM is a new member

    You do what you gotta do to feal safe. If you need help were here pictures or not.
  16. bigbudsbruddah

    Congratulations Loolagigi2 Bud Picture of the Month 2022 Winner

    Congratulations amazing bud indeed
  17. bigbudsbruddah

    starting a new grow in a few days

    Welcome to MP. Like the way you are thinking, they do that way for other plants why not ganja
  18. bigbudsbruddah

    TM is a new member

    Welcome, interested to see some pics of your grow.
  19. bigbudsbruddah

    Stardawg Showdown: Corey Haim vs. Guava

    I'm team Corey. Go Corey go kick that guava ass lol. I'm sure they will both turn out fire though. Good luck :)
  20. bigbudsbruddah

    BBB's Closet 2.0

    Thanks it means alot coming from some great growers like yourselves