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  1. StonedCold


    I've often wondered this: Certain strains or more susceptible to changing colors of the bud and the leaves (i.e. Blue Berry, Blue Mystic...), but what factors contribute to this? I might have a Blue Mystic, that or a WW, but I would like to create the deficiency or lockout necessary to create...
  2. StonedCold


    I know this seems to be a debate over whether to flush or not, especially dependent on soil versus hydro. I have a soil grow nearing the end, and I was curious whether I should flush or not. I am using FoxFarm nutes, which are organic. I've read organic nutes don't need to be flushed, and if...
  3. StonedCold

    Alternating Nodes

    Just wondering, in everyone's personal experience, how many nodes does it take to see alternating ones? This isn't like the owl asking how many licks to the center of a tootsie-pop.:doh:
  4. StonedCold

    Nute Burn or Nute Def?

    Just a quick question. Would anyone who looks at this be able to tell me if my plants are craving more, or they got a little too much? I would have put this under plant problems, but it isn't a "problem" yet and this is about general indoor growing ideas... move it if necessary.
  5. StonedCold


    There appear to be two problems, but I think they are related. The leaves on my babies seem to be drooping a little, rather than their normal perkiness. It concerns me, because I opened the reservoir to stir it up, and I noticed an abundance of material in the water, perhaps because I...
  6. StonedCold

    Another heat issue

    I purchased a 265 CFM blower recently, hoping it would solve my lack of ventilation problem, but it has failed. I was wondering the reason, and the only thing I could come up with was that my hood on the HPS is open on the sides, and heat escapes out all sides and rises as well as is pushed...
  7. StonedCold

    Veg Time

    Just wondering how long the typical vegetative cycle is? I realize the rule of thumb is wait for alternating nodes, but how long should that take? 30-40 days? Blue Mystic White Widow Top 44 specifically my question pertains to. TBG, I think you might have had some experience with WW...
  8. StonedCold

    Specific Question (Mod's!?!)

    Lately, I've seen many setups that are leaving rockwool exposed in the late germination and beginning stages of vegetative growth. In some cases, the rockwool is simply resting in a grow tray, and the lights are above it. The cubes are transplanted when the roots show signs of popping through...
  9. StonedCold

    Squirrel Cage vs In Line

    I've been looking into buying something to help me deal with the heat issues I'm having.... I came across these two things. Squirrel Cage Fan, which tends to be more expensive, and use more watts. Although they can take out much more air, I don't really need 265CFM.... My room is 2X3X8 ... So...
  10. StonedCold


    I'm going to be investing in a squirrel cage fan and was just trying to get a consensus of how loud they can be. I realize it varies greatly by size, but compared to a ballast, humidifier, or air pump, how close? The man I talked to at the hardware store was as useful as smoking a mint leaf...
  11. StonedCold

    Comparing Height

    Just wondering what other people's babies look like at the 2 week mark from seed germination.... Size, leaf count? All that good stuff. Thanks!
  12. StonedCold

    New/First Grow (Top 44)

    Some of you have already started to help me out since I've had a ton of problems relating to water, and some to heat issues. I decided after a short debate to start a grow journal. The strain of choice, Top44 from Nirvana (Gypsy). Not many people from MP have chosen it, but it has mixed...
  13. StonedCold

    Heat Issues

    I tested out my 400HPS tonight, closet door open... the temperature jumped from 76 to 86 within 10 minutes with a fan blowing. I cut the power and let the CFL's continue so that the babies wouldn't be disturbed or burned to a crisp. My question is, how do you deal with the HPS...
  14. StonedCold

    Water Problems

    Currently using a bubbler. My hot water has huge excessive amounts of PPM as well as high levels of chlorine and such. I chose to use cold water and let it distill for a day in a separate tub. The next day the water was still painful to touch and stir in some trace amounts of nutes by hand...
  15. StonedCold

    LST and Flowering ?

    I've realized a problem in the near future. I will be leaving the babies at home during the first week of flowering alone. I've manage to rig up a large reservoir and overflow container that should last, unless they can possibly consume 50 gallons. I realize that when I put them into flower...
  16. StonedCold

    Once in rockwool...

    Once you germinate seeds, and get them into rockwool, I was wondering what to do? I put them into my bubbler hydro system with net pots. The rockwool is surrounded by hydroton. How far into the water should the pots be... an inch, 2...3?.... just below the net pot?.... As of now, they are...
  17. StonedCold

    Without Alternating Nodes

    Everyone always talks about flowering when you see alternating nodes. I was wondering, what if you flowered 2-3 weeks in, without alternating nodes? I've seen the product of no veg'n cycle, and it looks like a corn stalk, but much smaller with one main cola and barely anything else. Would...
  18. StonedCold

    Seed Life?

    I had a question in regards to seed life. If I had a package of seeds, and kept them for say a couple months/years, would they still be able to germinate, or would the likeliness of them germinating be reduced? Also, would elements while they were seeds affect their sex/production later on?
  19. StonedCold

    Grow Room Smells

    Hey Guys. My grow will consist of a few types, mostly based on desired highs and the smell that will be given off during flowering. If you have any experience with White Widow, Blue Mystic, Top 44, White Skunk, Master Kush, Big Bud, or Aura Indica, information on the smell they give off while...
  20. StonedCold

    Glass Names

    I was having this conversation the other day, as I picked up my first piece ever :bong1: ... and I was debating what to name it. My friends were sharing stories about how they named theirs, and the funny names that some people had. I was wondering about other people and their stories. Share...