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  1. ROOR

    Pot + GERD (heartburn)?

    Hello all...been awhile since I posted, but I had a few questions for EVERYBODY! How many of you notice heartburn related issues from smoking pot? I get heartburn/gerds/sour stomach sometimes even if I dont smoke, but I do notice increased occurences after smoking. It used to not affect me...
  2. ROOR

    8 points?

    I thought MJ grew odd numbered points....whats up with an 8 point? :confused: Also, out of curiosity, whats the most points you've ever had??
  3. ROOR

    uncooperative plant

    wilting tops?????
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  5. ROOR

    which ph test to trust?

    whats more accurate....soil or run-off?
  6. ROOR

    digital ph meter/pen

    whats a good brand/model? Thanks for any help...ROOR
  7. ROOR

    ready to switch to mh?

    floros or MH?
  8. ROOR

    fox farm feeding schedule

    I found this and thought some of you guys may find it useful.... You guys growing with fox farms, what you think overall?..Is this the schedule you use or close, way off??? They say to use the big bloom right away, but everybody has said the soil is good for 3-4 weeks...any thoughts??? Lata ROOR
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    Rapitest testers

  10. ROOR

    Im the 75 degrees

  11. ROOR

    Should I get a carbon filter?

    ....what do you use?
  12. ROOR

    lets talk fans (cfm)

    1. Room/cabinet size 2. Light wattage 3. Fan type and cfm 4. Set-up adequate, optimal or In need of adjusting. I found this from a bathroom forum: To calculate exhaust cfm: L x W x D (room) / 60 (minutes per hour) x 8 (recommended number of air changes = cfm needed
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    anybody running any of the can-fans?
  14. ROOR

    htg 600w feedback
  15. ROOR

    what type of soil?

    1. What types of potting soil do you guys use/prefer? 2. What else are you adding to the mix?
  16. ROOR

    AC my growbox???

  17. ROOR

    Sup yo, multiple yos

  18. ROOR

    lets talk veg growth

    flouros, 400 MH or the 400hps...whats best in your opinion?
  19. ROOR

    bong cleaner

    curious as to what cleaner everybody uses to clean their glass?
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    How many lumens per square foot?