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  1. MrOysterhead

    Updated Pics , 6-25-06

  2. MrOysterhead

    ? about Plants 7weeks into flowering (Pics)

    Could someone give me some input on my females, the fans leaves are curled pretty bad , and there is some discoloration on the short indica plant , alittle bit on the others but some of that was from the leaves getting burnt. Let me know what you think :eek:
  3. MrOysterhead

    smoking early buds off the tree at like 6-7weeks

    does anyone ever do this , let me know what you think , what it hurt the plant bad
  4. MrOysterhead

    cutting a branch off to smoke it at 6weeks

    does anyone ever do it this early i just want to try it pot it in the oven on like a 100 f for a little bit , or could it harm my plant , cause a hermie idk , let me know what u think
  5. MrOysterhead

    does music bother plants while there in the dark

    does music bother plants while there in the dark, or does it not matter :eek:
  6. MrOysterhead

    New Pics 9-1-07 , 4weeks into Budding

    Hey whats up everyone , hows the ladies look :lama:, ive been feeding them with Fox Farm Grow Big and Tiger Bloom , because i ran out of Big Bloom last grow , i need to get some more but is there any thing i can get at like wal-mart that is good for flowering , incase i cant get some in time...
  7. MrOysterhead

    Help Need Nute advise

    OK ive been using FoxFarm Grow Big through the vegg stage, now im like 2 weeks into flowering and i need some more budding nutes , is there and thing good i can pick up at the like wal-mart or anything thats organic and decent until i can get Big Bloom from a online hydro store, is Fish Ferts...
  8. MrOysterhead

    What to do about bottom branches ?

    the bottom branches dont get to much light , should cut them off to produce more attention to the top ones or leave them on there , any suggestions let me know :lama::rant:
  9. MrOysterhead

    New Pics 8/ 11/ 07 , Need help to, plz reply

    OK I just transplated the Ladies last night in to there last big pots, they've been on 12/12 for like 1 1/2 to 2 weeks now , the tallest female showed her sex first and then the one to the left and then the one did on the right, but i have a couple ?'s , the tall female in those pics have like...
  10. MrOysterhead

    updated pics 8-5-07 and a ?

    check out the females , they have been on 12/12 for a week now, a started out with 5 , 2 of them grew balls so i had to deport them, but the one small plants leaves are twisting what could this be a sign of, im gowing to transplant them into like 3-3 1/2 gallon pots next week for the rest of the...
  11. MrOysterhead

    High Temps need some help / Pics droppy plants

    OK yesterday i switch to the HPS because they are about to go into 12/12 , i live in the midwest and its pretty hot where i live so my closet gets hot, the temps get up to like 95 , but i dont think higher, will my plants die you think , theres used to like 88 degree temps but this HPS ups them...
  12. MrOysterhead

    ? about plants being root bound

    If a plant is root bound what are the effects, ?
  13. MrOysterhead

    New Pics and and a ? about flowering

    ok thes plants are a month and a half old now, the talest one is 12inches , two others are 11inches and the other two are 9 inches tall, would it be good to flower now or should i wait another 2 weeks. there under 2, 4 ft fluros right now with 2 lights in each thing , and i just added a cfl...
  14. MrOysterhead

    should i cut the dead parts of this leaf ?

    this plant at one time had a mg deff, or nute deff, anyways i cleared that up , should i cut the dead parts of the leaf off , or the hole fan leaf itself , or just leave it on there, its nodes are takeing a while to to grow it seems to any suggestions :spit:
  15. MrOysterhead

    is this a bad thing ? , take a look

    one of my plants seems to have a little discoloration on the leaf , what could this be a sign of , not really sure becuase this is the only one that has it :doh:
  16. MrOysterhead

    New Pics 7/ 9/ 07, check them out 2nd grow

    these are my plants a month and a week old , what do you think, 2nd grow two 4ft fluro lights with 2 bulbs pure fixture -- 18 / 6 light and dark cycle Fan on 24 / 7 Nutes -- FoxFarm all organic :D Grow BiG for Vegg. i cant what to put that 400watt HPS , so they can start throwing there flowers
  17. MrOysterhead

    I think one of my plants has an MG deff

    I think one of my plants has an MG deff , i dont have a pic right now ill post one in tomorrow, but could someone post a few pics, of what it what it looks like or a discription, i sprayed it with some epson salts the past 2 days to try to make it go down , it seems to be working sort of