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    budding ph question

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    smells like hay!

    how do you keep your buds from smelling like hay after drying? i live in the mountains and humidity is lower 20's.
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    quick co2 question

    do you introduce co2 during the night or day cycle?
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    topping and switching 12/12... help

    how long do you have to wait after topping before you can switch to 12/12? they are about 6weeks old and have boo-koo alternating nodes. the indicas are about 18" tall and the hazes are like 24". i just topped the indicas about 5 days ago and i want to switch to start budding. how long must i...
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    temp and hum. question

    i live in the mountains and i was cracking my window to controll heat. what is the min. temp that i can have? its getting like 65 with the window opened under the 400 hps. also what is the humidity supposed to be. its like 30-50
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    a stress question

    well... i have 2 nevills haze and 4 blue widow, so the haze is like 3 ft tall and the bw are 1 ft tall. so ive got the light about 2 ft from the haze. and its just flat paint in the closet. i sure will put some cfls in the corners - thanx!
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    a stress question

    i have 6 plants in 5 gal buckets in a 5x6 closet with a 400watt hps hanging over them. the outside plants have been leaning in towards the middle. an i causing unwanted stress by rotating the buckets so that they grow straight? or should i let them do on their own?
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    having trouble with this nevills haze!

    woah! my soil has worm castings in it! did i over do it by adding the grow big?
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    having trouble with this nevills haze!

    i know! i heard it too! the leaves are so cool... super skinny! compared to the blue widow next to it... those leaves look like lettuice almost! haha (im so hi) ... now can anyone tell me wut 2 do?
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    When is the earliest I can start adding nutes?

    some strains have purple stems. your going to nute-burn them. u gotta wait atleast a month. and then go easy.
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    having trouble with this nevills haze!

    this has got to be the hardest plant ive ever grown! i let the bucket dry out. she started wilting. so i gave her some water with ff grow big 1/2 strenth 4 the 1st time. then the leaves got dark dark and really wilted! so i jumped on the net and found out that nevills haze dosent like nutes very...
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    what does it mean when leaves curl downward

    thanx hick. so what do u recommend watering plants that are 3 wks old? keeping in mind a 400 hps on them.
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    what does it mean when leaves curl downward

    my plants are drooping too! and turning yellow on the edges. im useing ff soil and watering about every day. temp 80. hum. 40. blue widow. any help appreciated!
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    crinkling seedlings leaves. help.

    yeah 3 fans. temp is 75-85 humidity 55%
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    crinkling seedlings leaves. help.

    about 18 " away. with this fox farms soil you're not supposed to have to use nutes until at least a month. all the leaves are a uniform green. they just feel dry and are bending and krinkling .
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    Emergency Early Harvest - HELP!

    you wont get much bud
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    crinkling seedlings leaves. help.

    what does it mean when the leaves look dry and bend or crinkle? the plants are 2 weeks old, blue widow and nevils haze. the color didnt change. Two of the leaves on each plant feel dry and are crinkling sideways. 4 out of 6 are on their third set of leaves. im watering about every day of...
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    When to use Grow Big?

    if u are using fox farms soil u usually dont have to feed till about a month...
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    a watering question

    i know that you are supposed to give seedlings more water and humidity, but when should i start slacking off? they are in 3 gal buckets with a good fox farms soil...