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    baking soda ph up

    from my experience do not use baking soda unless you just have too. Had to use for two weeks, the very ends of the leaves turned light brown, couldn't get to where I could use ph up, so only choice. The plants finally got the right ph up and now the plants are very well, but when the light is on...
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    water, baking soda and the proper ppm

    any one using baking soda to bring your water up to the proper ph? When you prepare your water for feeding we check to see what ppm are in the water that has had the soda added, ours is coming out 250 to 290 ppm with out any nutes, then we add flora product to the usual amount of nutes we...
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    think you have figured out, then !!!

    I have seen auto flower, how about auto male. The plants are orange cali, 5 weeks into veg, and one plant has these little balls, is this possible? Now should I do some logging and make the big,. chop? Only five plants for medicene, one gone. I haven't even gone to 12 hours yet! One thing about...
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    can never know enough

    thanks to high times for the very informative video...Good stuff:hubba:
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    change needed

    how can I change my user id for logging in? I'm not that great with the computer. JR:o
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    northern lights

    Any one who has grown northern lights shiva cross from gn seedboutique, have you had any aroma and taste to the plant after maturity. We grew a nice crop, lotsa weight, nice plant, but no taste to it or smell when cured. Its a hybred, and we went ten weeks in bud and flushed for ten days. Any...
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    how to stop the stretch

    when swicthing to 12 hours using flora grow how much do you add to the flora nova bloom to stop the stretch, and for how many days, the bottle says a week to ten days. But what is the ratio? {of both fertilizers}. thanks JR:o
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    errors why

    every time I want to go on line with mp my computer says errors on page? Why is this? jr:eek:
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    thanks to the forum

    since I have been with the forum, they have taught me much, learn to read and grow accordingly, whatever method you use.. thanks mar p stoney, and all the rest.. jrobertson
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    NFT Help Needed

    when you are doing ebb and flow, or flood and drain what is the normal flushing times? Once a month or? The plants look healthy and are growing like crazy, they average 9 to ten inches in height, I am doing this by hand. I use fresh ferts, flora nova green, as they have been in the veg stage...
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    I need some advice

    can any one give me a idea on how many ppm should be used when starting just germinated seeds in rock wool, I soaked my rockwool cubes in a ph'd"6.3 and ppm at 325, is this to strong? I want to plant the germinated seeds tonight, :confused: please help!!! thanks jr
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    my reasons I love my herb

    well its about time I said why my husband and I smoke and grow our own smoke, its clean and its our way of putting up with every day pressures, we are in our early 60's and late 50's and find that when the going get tough its sure nice to kick back and have a few hoots and get a attitude...