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  1. boaboi86

    Train wreck @43 days

    So here are my 8 beutiful ladys at 43 days! Last two pics. of them with the 1400w's of hps light, and then with the light off!
  2. boaboi86

    Sog question!!!

    Ok im trying to get a system going, And i cant decide if i should take 10 clones every two weeks(that way i can harvest every two weeks after about 56-61 days) or just put 40 clones at a time and do a harvest every 56-61 days! Jive me some idea's, the pro's and con's of both. I currently have 8...
  3. boaboi86

    My grow so far! Train wreck @42 days flower!

    Ok I'm kinda new to this site so here is my grow so far! I'll fill u guys in on what i've been doing and so on. SO i'm growing train wreck for now. I have Three rooms one 3'x4'x3'(for my clones), a 4.5'x 4.5'x 5'(for my flowering room), and a 4'x 2'x 5'(for my mothers) The firt pics. are of...