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    Nutr burn or?

    Last 2 weeks were really hard for girls. Had to go for few days and when i came back girls were rly dry. Had no nutr left for a week too. Any ideas ? 2-3 weeks left
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    The road so far

    Making this so i can have smth like online journal! If wrong section please delete it . My ladies so far ! Super lemon/amnesia/shiny silver haze . Day number 39 for the bigger ones. Day 23 for the rest . We lookin good i think just feels a Little slow grow . Thinking of changing 1 of my mh bulbs...
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    Deficiency problem ?

    Hello people! Summer is coming !! 2 of my girls got a problem not sure what it is.. what you think? Soil advanced nutrient food 1 week ago i messed up my ph in water dropped low . Next watering was full feed on 6.5 ph cal/mag half dose Day 25 Tds was at 780 day 18 so i mini flashed my girls...
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    second atempt

    hello people ! preparing my new grow room for my 2nd attempt (1st one fked my girls up a little but we're good!) my new grow room is almost ready grow room 9x9x9feet 4x 600hps in cooltube (590cfm air axhaust+carbon filters) 500cfm ventilation for some clean air A.C 12000btu (summer is...
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    hello everyone!

    hello people , 1st of all sorry for bad english :) im from greece and im 30years old . im new grower, running my 1st ever atm and im completly lost and need help :D but rly enjoy this jurney. came here asking for some help since in my country we got no active community about our little ladies...