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    Indoor Grow Play by Play

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    Am I going Crazy?

    So when I first started my CFL grows, I walked right into my nearest lowe's and right in from of me in these multi-packs were the bulbs I needed. I knew they were the ones because right on the package the said 1600K and 2700k in big bolb lettering. I walked into the store today and they no...
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    So the new Metallica album Deathmagnetic comes out in a week or so. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on an advanced copy, and OH MY GOD!!. I saw Metallica on the "Madly in Anger with the World Tour" and I thought for sure they were done. After what they did with St. Anger I pretty much...
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    Need help finding a thread.

    First and foremost, PUH-lease, I already tried the search function so don't be a douche! So I was reading this awesome thread on a homemade bubble cloner. I thought I bookmarked it, but when I came home tonight it was gone. I don't remember the name of the thread so I can't find it again. Could...
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    Trimming while in flower.

    I have had a couple of my girls in flower now for going on about two and a half weeks. I had four going, now I am down to two, thanks to hermies. Anyway, these two last plants refuse to sex, but they won't stop growing. The light is on 12/12 and the coloring is exact for flower, but they won't...
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    Just say . . . thanks!

    Every once in a while I like to make a thank you thread for everyone to come in and thank someone for something they have done for them recently. It could be because someone gave you some good advice on your grow, or they made you laugh, and maybe even made you think and use your brain. To...
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    MG soil burned me for the last time. Need advice from the pro's!

    Ok, so I have finally finished, or at least, am close to finishing my second grow. I used the MG three month potting soil and for some darn reason it burned the ever loving crap out of the plants really late in the game. I thought after almost three months they would have been used to it, but...
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    Topping at four weeks.

    I have had a couple plants going now for a while, about a month. Last grew I waited until seven weeks to top and flower after the branches grew back. I want to try toping now at four weeks and flower at seven. Does anyone think this might stress the plant out to much?
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    Fog machine as a humidifier.

    I went out and bought a humidifier today and it doesn't work. I returned it, but the store I bought it from had no replacements. That store is the only store in my area that sells humidifiers in a thirty mile radius. I was wondering if I could use my fog machine as a replacement. Instead of...
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    So the thought occured to me today. I bought some steam distilled drinking water for the humidifyer I have in my grow chamber. I was wondering, would it be ok to water the plants with that same water or should I keep watering with just regular filtered water?
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    got to germ. Next step?

    Ok, I got my seeds germinated and now I am thinking, "what is the best way to get these sprouts poping?" So, once I put them in the soil, should I keep it absolutely dark or keep them under constant light. What would the best course of action be?
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    Round 2...Fight. (Operation Rasta)

    Specs: Indoor Grow Temp Controlled grow box. Random seeds from Jamaica. Light will be 20/4 timer to start. Ok, so I have been out of the loop for a good long while. Last year around this time I tried my first grow. It came out pretty good. I didn't get a very high yield, but what I did manage...
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    Best Christmas gift this year/ever.

    Not sure if anyone has covered this yet. I searched for one but couldn't find a thread that covered the topic and since I see Mutt is moderating at the moment and can close this down if it is a duplicate thread I think it is ok to post this. . . So....... Like the title says, what was your...
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    Back...for good this time!

    Hey everyone. I know a lot of you prolly don't remember who I am. I was really heavy into the forum for a while, but life called me away for a bit. I see a lot of new and old faces and I just wanted to say hi. I can't wait to get back into the swing of thing and check out those grows! Merry...
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    I know this is the wrong place for this, but I didn't feel like cluttering indoor growing with another useless post so I brought it here. I have been ever so busy at work these last few months working upwards of nintey hours a week. I do still lurk around the forums, but I haven't had much of a...
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    I just got an Ipod, but I have no clue where to get MP3's from. Where does everyone get their music?
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    Made my choice, BB, BG, AK48 I think I figured out what I want to start off with for my next grow. I am looking for something easy to grow, so I will do big bud and...
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    Will they root?

    So I took a few clippings off my strongest female from my most recent grow. I cut off the best looking leafs and stuck them in water and resnipped them under the water a little bit more. When I was ready, I dipped them in Bontone rooting powder and stuck them in peat pellets. I don't have a...