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  1. ShuttyMcShutShut

    slow growth and salty residue

    Im on week 2 with 2 white widow seedlings that are planted in a waterfarm. They sprouted super quick and I put them on 24hrs light(400w hps), 85 degrees or lower temp, with 24 hrs watering(bottled spring water, no nutes). The PH kept hanging around 6.2 and going up from there so I kept adding...
  2. ShuttyMcShutShut

    Growing in Holland?

    Hey folks.... Lately Ive been wondering what it would take to move to holland and start growing your own in a mass setup possibly to be used for commercial distribution. Im sure Im not the only one who has had this idea.....obviously moving to holland being the biggest part of the equation...Im...
  3. ShuttyMcShutShut

    bad lowryder 2 from Doc?

    Whats up all, About 3 weeks ago I posted regarding trouble I was having with my Lowryder 2 grow. I was growing in MG soil so of course I was having all sorts of problems....tried flushing....nothing. I decided to break down and mail order fox farms ocean forrest soil and...
  4. ShuttyMcShutShut

    Calling Hick & Tbg & Other Lowryder #2 Growers

    Hopefully hick and tbg are among those that read this. Some time ago(a month or so) I posted regarding growing LR #2 in MG organic choice soil(3 month nute blend)....I believe Hick and TBG both responded saying they have grown many grows in MG soil(if ive mistaken one of you for someone else...
  5. ShuttyMcShutShut

    Not your everyday soil question

    Hey folks... Ive read/researched enough on this forum to know that many of the same questions get asked over and over again so Im going to do my best not to follow that goes Ive had a few successful hydro grows and a couple of somewhat successful soil grows. Ive grown...
  6. ShuttyMcShutShut

    Any Cyclists/Cycling fans MUST watch this

    Im going out on a limb here by assuming that Im not the only cyclist/fan of cycling on MarP.....not your everyday stoner sport...but Ive been into it and have loved it my whole life, so its not impossible to mix the two. This is hilarious
  7. ShuttyMcShutShut

    any advice on whats wrong would be greatly appreciated

    Whats up folks! Im on my second hydro grow and my plant is young and keeps showing signs of some sort of deficiency. 1. 3 weeks old 2. approx 7" 3.eldorado sativa strain around 5-6( i try to keep it closer to 5.5) 5.watering 1 on/2 off cycles 6.using bottled spring water thats PH adjusted...
  8. ShuttyMcShutShut

    First Sativa

    Hey Folks! So its been some months since Ive posted on here. My first plant produced close to 1/4lb and I havent been online much since....go figure....1/4lb weed potentially can cause someone to become SLIGHTLY more reclusive then normal LOL. My question is this:THis is my second...
  9. ShuttyMcShutShut

    too much darkness?

    Whats up people.... its my first grow and i just started my 6th week of flower....apparently last night some time my light came unplugged....its been in total darkness for around 17 hours straight now....what do we think will happen to my poor plant?
  10. ShuttyMcShutShut

    squeezing buds

    Hey gang, im half way through my 5th week of flowering....i cant help but give some of my growing buds just a gentle squeeze to see how big they are(too many white hairs to really tell by looking) a gentle squeeze going to effect their growth or potentcy? Keep in mind...i try...
  11. ShuttyMcShutShut

    older leaves

    Whats up gang, This is my first grow, so im not sure if this is normal or not. The older leaves towards the bottom(mostly fan leaves) are gradually, 1-2 at a time, slowly turning brown,drying up, curling under and dropping off. 1.400w HPS(about 12" from the top of the...
  12. ShuttyMcShutShut


    Hey gang, Im almost to the end of my first week of flower. Ive been using GH 3 part flora nutes the entire grow. Im thinking of purchasing some sort of "megabloom" type nutrient additive. Since ive been using GH 3 part, it seems like i should stick with another GH product...seems...
  13. ShuttyMcShutShut


    Im currently in the flower stage(5 days into) and am growing using DWC. I am using a waterfarm so the air hose forces air down to the bottom of a tube in my res, which in turn forces water up and out the drip those nutes are aerated. I think i need to put an airstone into my res to...
  14. ShuttyMcShutShut

    wilting or just part of flower?

    Hey gang, Im growing 1 plant in a 2'X4'X8' grow room that has a 400hps light and a vortex exhaust set to 75 degrees. Im growing in DWC waterfarm. Using GH flora 3 part nutes. After 7 weeks of veg(18/6), i just changed the time to 12/12 earlier this week. After about 4 days of it...
  15. ShuttyMcShutShut

    Pretty Dad-gum' Proud!

    Whats up folks, As some may know, this is my first grow that I have EVER done. in fact i really dont smoke that much....just reverted to this because 1.) i love special projects 2.)F*** drug dealers.....tired of the process of aquiring etc. Anyway, its my first grow:I...
  16. ShuttyMcShutShut

    This Site Rocks!

    Hey gang, Ive been participating in MP for almost two months now and have found it very helpful....until tonight i didnt know how fortunate I/we really are to have this. I decided to search similar sites in hopes on maybe finding pictures posted/ grow journals by persons growing the...
  17. ShuttyMcShutShut


    Hey gang, this baby is just getting ready to start its 6th week of life. I think it may either be a male or possibly a hermie.....can someone help? If it is a hermie can it pollinate a female? because it sits right next to a female and ive not started the flower cycle yet so i...
  18. ShuttyMcShutShut

    strange yellow blemishes

    whats up gang, This is my first grow. Im growing hydro (ebb and flow in a waterfarm, 1 on/1 off). Just bumped up to full strength GH flora nutes(for the "veg cycle") last week. My plants are bubblelicious and are at the start if their 5th week. THey are about 7" tall and...
  19. ShuttyMcShutShut

    killed my plant?

    DOH!!!!!! So i came home today and found that the air filter for my exhaust fan had fallen off the fan and been resting on my plant(with my plant under it) for as long as 3 hours....DOH!!!! the filter was made from an old shoe box with a big big hole cut in each side and activated...