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  1. Mr. Bud

    Trying Flouro's, haven't seen these on this site..

    Can anyone tell me about these flouro's.. I already purchased the eight light system.... Here are the spec's on the bulbs... Efficient Sunleaves VitaLUME T5 Fluorescent Bloom and Grow Tubes provide light in the correct spectrum range to give plants exactly what they need to produce abundant...
  2. Mr. Bud

    One from Seed!!!!!

    Ok dudes, here is the low down.. As some of you know I got some dirty clones from this dude; had a bad spider mite problem. I'm still trying to save those crazy little clones but in the mean time I had two seeds from some killer, mind blowing smoke.. Now I'm not sure what strain this is from...
  3. Mr. Bud

    First Time Cloning... Question on leaves

    Hey dudes, I just started my first set of clones... Got a pretty easy to grow strane from a friend. They all took but one so my guess is that it's a pretty easy to clone plant. They have been in the little green house under a flouro light. I just noticed that a couple of them are starting...
  4. Mr. Bud

    I know I'm new but what are you?...

    Hi folks, I stumbled across this site a few days ago and now I find myslef on here a lot reading all of the great information. I am a first time grower so I'm pretty green... Get it, green.. I have some clones started under flouro's right now. They are looking pretty good so far. :bugger: