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  1. night501

    could you help me find this thread.

    So I am looking for a thread that was posted a month ort maby 2 ago that had a link to a page instructing on how to rool different types of joints.Im going for the cross.
  2. night501

    Bad day... I guess

    You ever have one of those days where nothing goes right? Today I cut the heck out of my finger at work. Im not talking a scratch. Im talking a slash from base to tip. To make maters worse, I finally get home after the bus gets in an accident, Sit down to roll a doobie and the cat jumps up and...
  3. night501

    Feeling so homesick

    So, tommorrow is my 26th birthday. I have been out here in California for going on 6 months. I havent felt homesick until now. Back home for my birthday I would save some money and throw a party with the best smoke, everyones fav alchohol, and I would plan a nice buffet to last the night...
  4. night501

    Reading while stoned.

    So i am an avid reader and am also a stoner. I find that is is a totaly diffrent experience reading while stoned as apposed to reading sober. I find that i get into the story more. Sometimes i will finish an entire novel in a day cause i was so into it while stoned. Dose anyone else love...
  5. night501

    I Hate This!!!!

    So im sitting here at my apartment with a pocket full of money and cant get ahold of anyone who has anything. Back home in ohio it wouldnt take more that 3 phone calls to find some ritious smoke but being in a new place i havent had the opertunity to meet the type of people i need to. Im just...
  6. night501

    Foreigner or journey?

    So i felt a little inspired by the rush/beatles thread so i figured i would find out what everyones opinions are on this one. I would have to say foreigner although i would jam to journey any day
  7. night501

    Thank you for this site

    I just wanted to thank the moderators for this site and the member who posted the thread that got me interested. Today i got a letter in the mail that said i have been accepted at Oaksterdam University. I hadn't even heard of it till i read about it here. Now im going to be a student. This...
  8. night501

    california price

    So i just recently moved to california. I bought my first bag here and it seemed to be off to me. What do the prices usually run in cali for some decent bud? I ended up paying like 150% of what i would usually spend on a certain amount. I was about to say something when i realized that i just...
  9. night501

    dose it really affect short term memory?

    ok so first of all, i have been a regular smoker since i was 16. At this point im not so sure that smoking pot affects short term memory. I am a line cook and have found that it is easier to remember things with a pot buzz. Infact i remember more with it. i tend to keep going threw everything...
  10. night501

    Have you ever won anything on the radio?

    Ive won all kinds of concert tickets and free meals, but the other day i hit the motherload. I wasnt really even paying attention to the radio but they asked their question of the day: "what WWF wrestler had a leading role in the movie The Princess Bride?" Being a child of the 80's i knew it...
  11. night501

    how much water really is to much?

    on an average day i will consume about 2 gallons of water and pee about a dozen times. i am 6'7" 250lbs. when i am trying to pass a test i can drink about 4-5 gallons a day and end up peeing clear every 15-30 minutes. basically what im asking is how much water could i be drinking without doing...
  12. night501

    would this work?

    ok so it has been 2 weeks since i last smoked. i am trying to find a job. so i was thinking earlier and came up with an idea but was wondering what everyone elses take on it would be. ok so we all know that thc is fat soluable wich is why it is stored in your fat cells, but it is also alchohol...
  13. night501

    drunk driving challenge in the arcade

    maby im just dumb but how are you sapposed to control the car? its like i can get it to change direction with the mouse 1 time and after that it wont let me correct the car
  14. night501

    pot smoking singles.

    ok so time for a little backstory. about a month ago i met this girl and things where going great. after spending alot of time together i decided it was time to tell her i smoke but when i did she started totaly blowing me off. basically im trying to ask if anyone knows a good website for pot...
  15. night501


    ill be hangin out in the chat room if anyone wants to chat
  16. night501


    due to lack of intrest in my grow journal i figued i would post here and pray that my question gets answered. after being out of town the past few day i came back and found these on my plant. being my first grow im realy not qualified to make this call. is my plant a male?
  17. night501


    well our dog has been in labor for about 2 hours now and we already have 4 puppies. ill give ya a count and probably some pics later. full blood black lab puppies, show quality. both parents came from showdog stock.
  18. night501

    curling leaves

    ok i have a belladonna in a general hydroponic water farm using only bat guano teas for my nutes. im under 2 40w cfl's for 18/6. now the leaves are starting to curl into themselves like a book, there is no discoloring or anything else diffrent but i have no idea what it is and i cant find...
  19. night501


    wow all these people on and still nobody is even bothering with the chat. if anyone wants to ** ill be chilling for a few with the chat window up.
  20. night501

    jahova's whitnesses

    i dont mean to offend anyone but what is wrong with jahova's whitnesses? i just had 2 knocking on my door for 15 min. tried the whole pretend like nobody's home but they just wouldnt go away. can they smell heathen blood or something?