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  1. Treebeard

    Coco super slow growth

    Hi, I'm having some problems with a new setup using coco. I've never used coco before so this could the first problem of many! These girls are 2 weeks old and just barely seem to be growing. Curiousuty got the better of me and I had a dig down to look at the roots and there is just 1 long...
  2. Treebeard

    What's causing this??

    Been trying to work out why this doesn't look right? Thought it could be heat stress but no other signs of it. The PH drops a lot every day, could be something to do with it? System is ebb n flow using clay pebbles. Under 2 x 400w. Ec 1.2 PH 5.8. Using GH nutrients. Any ideas??
  3. Treebeard

    update on bid bug grow!

  4. Treebeard

    Sensi star

  5. Treebeard

    what is living in my reservoir???

    was just looking in my reservoir tank and i noticed these tiny tiny white things swimming around, does anyone have any idea what these tiny critters are????
  6. Treebeard

    General hydro 'Bloom'

    Hello, im using the general hydropinics flora series and im coming to the end of my grow (12 days left roughly). I purchased the General hydro "bloom" nutrient which it says i should use for the last 10days, what i was wanting to know is should i use this on its own or with the other nutrients...
  7. Treebeard

    over/under fertilization or heat-stress???

    Hello, this problem has been developing with my plants over the last couple weeks. The strain is Sensi star, growing in Flood&drain hydro using general hydroponic nutes. I know that sensi star doesn't like high levels of nutrients so i've been watering down the nutrient solution but im a bit...
  8. Treebeard

    Heat shields

    Hello, Im having some problems with heat in my grow room. Ive got a 400w hps a bit over 1ft away from my plants and the temp is getting as high as 35c. I have two 6"desk fans blowing directly on the plants and a extractor fan positioned at the highest point in the room. I noticed these...
  9. Treebeard

    Power cut!

    Hey, I had a power cut in my house all last night from about 8.00pm till 11.00am. My plants are in a room with no windows so i couldn't get much natural light to them and im a bit worried that this period of darkness may induce early flowering?? except the plants are only a week or so old, will...
  10. Treebeard

    Sensi star

    Hey, has anyone grown Sensi star before? Ive read some really good reviews and thought id get myself some seeds. Im gonna grow them in hydro ebb an flow. Just like to know what you thought of it and any grow tips? i read it doesnt like too much nutrients? Any advice is appreciated :)
  11. Treebeard

    Dripper system

    Hey, Im hoping to set up a dripper system for 2 mother plants but i know very little about dripper systems and was hoping someone could help. My idea is that i have a cupboard which has a single large drawer in the bottom, the drawer will be the reservoir (once its made water tight). I'll put a...
  12. Treebeard

    smells like grass???

    Hello, ive just about dried all my Big bud now and i think it's ready to cure. Ive noticed that it doesn't smell as potent as when i first harvested it, it now smells more like dried grass (as in from the garden) Is this normal?? will it all improve with curing?? Getting a bit worried :eek:. it...
  13. Treebeard


    Hello, sorry for multiple posting but im having a little problem with the humidity in my drying out room. I started drying them out only yesterday and the humidity is 70%, are they going to be ok with this much?? I have 2 desk fans in the room and one extracting. the temperature is 68-72f. I was...
  14. Treebeard

    wet to dry weight loss?

    quick question, what percentage of the wet weight of harvested plants will i loose during the drying out/curing period? thanks :)
  15. Treebeard

    Quality + Quantity??

    Hey, Im coming to the end of my first hydro grow, which i chose Big Bud for. The next grow i want to do i would like to grow something of Good quality but something that will also produce a good yeild. Also something that doesn't get too tall and will take well to a flood and drain hydro setup...
  16. Treebeard

    Growing MJ for a living?

    Hello, I was just thinking how much i enjoy growing MJ and i would guess that most people on this forum do aswell, I think it's the most rewarding hobby I've ever done. So i got thinking again and was wondering is it possible to do it for a living? In places like Holland and Switzerland you can...
  17. Treebeard

    Light movers

    I was just wondering wether its worth buying a light mover or not? At the moment i have 2x400w hps. If i were to buy a light mover and cut down to just one light would it be as productive as having two stationary lights?? Obviously i would loose 400w so there is farm less lumens per sqft but...
  18. Treebeard

    Flushing before harvest??

    Hello, Im growing Big bud in a flood and drain system and im about 2-3 weeks away from harvest i would guess. This is my first harvest using a hydroponic system and i have no idea what changes i should make to the nutrients prior to the harvest?? I dont really want to end up with chemical...
  19. Treebeard

    update on bid bug grow!

    Hello all, I ve made a few posts over the last month or so about my Big bud hydroponic grow, which ive had some problems with. Mainly being that my timers broke in the middle of flowering and caused my plants to try and re-veg so ive got some funny lookin plants. The leaves arnt as yellow as...
  20. Treebeard

    Flowering troubles!

    Hello. I posted about this a while ago but ive just taken some pictures and wanted everybody eles opinion. basically whats happend is i tried to cut corners and didn't buy a contactor timer and destroyed one of my timers. I didn't know this until a few days ago by which time the light must have...