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  1. ROOR

    Omg Just Had The Biggest Scare Of My Life

    WOW..sorry to hear that bro....That teacher is not allowed to keep a child after school like that without having parental notification and permission!!! The teacher should of walked your child straight to the office and made a parental phone call immediately!!!!!!!! They are totally in the...
  2. ROOR

    Whats wrong ? I'm suffocating..

    essence, if your still around, I have the same exact symptoms as you described. I know you said its not a panic attack, but I believe thats exactly what they are, just may be a different onset than your usual attack. I have had all the tests done, stress tests, etc. I'm also fit as a fiddle...
  3. ROOR

    Info on Vapes?

    I have a volcano and its the absolute best thing if your health conscious. Conserves weed, no tar, no toxins to breathe in (almost..they say 95%), can vape and house not smell like weed (good if in-laws/guests are around the house), can re-vape weed at higher temp settings, and you get blitzed...
  4. ROOR

    Pot + GERD (heartburn)?

    OK..after smoking and tons of deep thought, I find it is the weed that is causing it, just not directly. If I smoke w/o coughing, I'm good to go, but If I pull a mean one and cough too hard or too much, my reflux occurs...hmmmmm Thanks all....I think im gonna take a break for awhile. The last...
  5. ROOR

    Pot + GERD (heartburn)?

    Mutt, I made some pot brownies back in the day, but never got high so I scrapped that idea...LOL I would be interested in trying again if you have any links to recipes!!!'d you back gurlfriend...:) T-bone....its reflux. I have a weak sphincter so yes acid is getting by and into my...
  6. ROOR

    Pot + GERD (heartburn)?

    Thanks for your reply... I take Protonix to control the reflux and all though its very good, its not 100%. I have tried zantax along with others, but got intestinal cramping issues. OK probably TMI..LOL I know for fact that cigarrettes can cause the stomach sphincter (control valve of the...
  7. ROOR

    mountain dew kills my high

    I have heard this from MANY people. I personally drink water to hydrate and keep the high going as I feel the high is lowered from eating/drinking. Anytime I eat, I have to smoke again..LOL so I can relate sweets! King, I would be interested in any findings you come across from your testing...
  8. ROOR

    Pot + GERD (heartburn)?

    Hello all...been awhile since I posted, but I had a few questions for EVERYBODY! How many of you notice heartburn related issues from smoking pot? I get heartburn/gerds/sour stomach sometimes even if I dont smoke, but I do notice increased occurences after smoking. It used to not affect me...
  9. ROOR

    8 points?

    I thought MJ grew odd numbered points....whats up with an 8 point? :confused: Also, out of curiosity, whats the most points you've ever had??
  10. ROOR

    sooo faded

    with your buds
  11. ROOR

    Terrific Joint Video

    we shotgun beers at the bottom of the can....didnt he slit the top right under the opening?!?!
  12. ROOR

    Ok Here's My Plant..whats Goin On Here?

    I'd pass on the urine....:)
  13. ROOR

    Completely can't use those bulbs because you dont have the proper ballast to run them high watt hps/mh can buy the complact flourescent light (cfl's) bulbs for those sockets you have....look for the 47w cfls for $8-9 a bulb at walmart....
  14. ROOR

    Mutts way of setting up a soil bucket.

    where you gettin the horticultural lime from mutt?
  15. ROOR

    Harvest question!!

    for a small growroom, Id def wait on those triches....just take them as there ready and let the other ripen up....
  16. ROOR

    sooo faded

    of massed confusion
  17. ROOR

    Terrific Joint Video

    some cheech and chong stuff there.... what was the slit in the beer for????
  18. ROOR

    4 Northern Lights and 2 White Widdow

    you have good sucess from them TGB?
  19. ROOR


    No..better look into a nice in-line fan....those cfm fans IMO are only good for small grow boxes....
  20. ROOR

    NEED help with starting plants

    it could take upto 10 days for all seeds to pop....once the sprout pops up, get them under the floros...