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  1. dream grower

    We Interupt this Message for Deer Season!.

    :eek:Before anybody gets thier panties in a twist, I am a moral and ethical hunter, hunting animals that have exploding populations in this area. I eat every scrap! I also donate meat to a wonderful program called Hunters For The Hungry. This meat feeds a lot of people in this great country of...
  2. dream grower

    From Where I'm Sittin'

    Hey Kids, How about sharing a pic of what you look at every morning while your havin' coffee & joints or whatever... Got a nice view? put the pipe down and take a picture right from where your sittin'. Let us all see it. Here is the view I am blessed with every morning(wildlife is optional):D
  3. dream grower

    A New Mod

    :cool:I see BiffDoggie has ascended:cool: :)Congratulations Man!!:) :DSPEEECH!!, SPEEECH!!:D
  4. dream grower

    Don't need postage stamps now??

    Hi everyone, just got a letter in the mail from my auntie who lives thousands of miles away. Bless her heart,:) she's very old and nearly completely blind. Instead of a stamp, she used a holographic little flag sticker.:eek: Nothin on it just a little flag. All them fancy machines designed just...
  5. dream grower

    No Tresspassing

    Gettin ready to go up back and chase off trespassers. Today is opening day for deer. Nobody has stopped to ask permission to be there, so that must mean no one is up there. Right? Don't you believe it. I bet I find at least one. See, deer season makes people forget how to read. Luckily, I'm...
  6. dream grower

    Daddy's New Glass

    Good Morning All! Man, look what the wife bought me last night. Asks me if I like it. Of course I do. She says good you can have it for Christmas. Are you kiddin me??? I just cracked open my last canning jar from last year. Big ol' bud ready to rip and she says I can have it for christmas??? I...
  7. dream grower

    Duh, This oughta' do. Dreamgrower's Garden

    Since I joined here in Aug., I was busy with the crop and such. One night I stumbled onto this website. I've never really ha much expierience with 'puters and the like. Let alone chatting on a web forum. Plus I had that new digital camera! So, I dove in. Chatted a little with TBG, Stoney Bud...
  8. dream grower

    On your mark, get set, pick!

    While I wasn't busy causin' a stir in other parts of the forum I managed to pick this bud. Man, I gotta get a better camera.
  9. dream grower

    Forum etiquette

    I'm new to this. Is it proper(or safe) to ask a location of another? Or, give out that sort of info? I see this done in several posts. Scares Me... :confused: Hey, Love the forum!
  10. dream grower

    Less Males, More Males, More Or Less...

    For years I've grown crops where the plants were spread way apart. Always got at least 50% males. This year they are tight together. and only 2 out of 15. Coincidence, or maybe the plants know:eek: Any expieriences or thoughts? Or should I just roll another one???
  11. dream grower

    The Time Is Near

    few pics taken 9/1-9/3. I have about 15 pics. Can I post them all? Also, I'll take more at harvest(God(s) willing). been sampling. Mmmmm
  12. dream grower


    Coulda' swore there was a Gallery button this morning. In fact I thought I uploaded some pics. (twice).Got an error message. See Administer Bla, Bla. Any thought's appreciated...
  13. dream grower

    20 days till harvest! talk about paranoid!!

    Hi everyone, Hope all your dreams are coming true! Mine certainly are. But, the wait is killin' me. I've been growing dreams for many years, the older I get the tougher it is. But Hey, Somebodys gotta' do it... I want to share some pics with you all. Just as soon as I can figure out how. Stay Tuned