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    need help with plant

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    well had to harvest some plants a couple were popping some bananas in them but they had only a weak left anyways so i took the whole crop in that tub the weight is a pound and half wet so that's not bad for me seeing that my last couple of grows i only got about an once lol so you can say I'm...
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    Texas Patient Wins Landmark Acquittal in Medical Marijuana Case

    AMARILLO, TEXAS: -- A Texas patient who uses medical marijuana to treat the symptoms of HIV won acquittal on marijuana possession charges March 25 based on a "necessity defense." Though such a defense - which requires the defendant to establish that an otherwise illegal act was necessary to...
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    Bill Would Allow Marijuana 'Compassion Centers'

    Wednesday, Apr 02, 2008 - 06:37 PM CRANSTON, R.I. -- Advocates of Rhode Island's Medical Marijuana Program want to make it easier for licensed patients to acquire the drug. The state Senate is considering a bill that would allow the Department of Health to let nonprofit organizations called...
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    Complaint about cat results in marijuana bust

    Wednesday, April 02, 2008 We’ve all heard the old line, “Be careful what you wish for.” In Ridgefield, a man learned to “be careful what you complain about,” said Police Chief Carrie Greene. On Thursday, Greene said, the man called police to complain about his neighbor’s cat. It wasn’t clear...
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    Bill would give stiffer penalties for cultivating marijuana

    Associated Press - April 2, 2008 7:34 PM ET TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) - Running an indoor grow house to cultivate marijuana would bring stiffer penalties under a bill passed in the House. The legislation would make it a third-degree felony to own a house where the cultivating, packaging and...
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    Im Back Stronger Than Ever Lol

    Hey everyone I know its been awhile but I'm back :D As alot of you know on my last journal i had a battle with mites and i lost :o and riped the whole room out and cleaned everything:hubba: Now i built a new room in the basement:D the basement has a dirt floor so i out down i wooden floor...
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    Working on the micro grow

    Whats up peeps been working on a micro grow set up for me and the wife thought i would throw a few pics up hope to get this one going soon so i can finish my other set up have a great night hope you enjoy the pics latter
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    Rooted some clones in watter

    Hey everyone sorry havent been around lately just things have been a little crazy lately. But anyways i had to completely tear down my grow room do to mites again which really sux but i had to do it so i can finally get rid of those nasty critters I would never wish them on anyone:o but im...
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    What did Santa get you?

    hey every one hope Santa got you what you wanted for Christmas i got a few things for my grow room and my kids got a bunch of stuff wish i could show you pics of there faces when they saw what was under there tree lol:eek:
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    Stoney Bud Seeds

    well i just looked in the grow room and noticed that after two days that the babies are popping through the soil:D Gotta say that i never had a problem with just throwing my seeds in the soil and letting them germinate the natural way:D here are some pics peace
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    Omg Just Had The Biggest Scare Of My Life

    Ok i was sitting at my sons bus stop waiting for him and i see his bus coming down the road and it just keeps driving by me so i start to yell at the bus driver and she keeps driving so i start running after the bus yelling at her to stop and she finally does so i say to her wheres my son and...
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    HELP 30s 40s rain all week

    OK you all mostly know that i have these two plants outside and they had a late start to flowering anyways the temps have been dropping the last few nights to the 30s and the weather says that its gonna rain all week and be cold too. My buds are still developing and are not ready for harvest at...
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    wife in the hospital

    well my wife got admitted into the hospital late Tuesday night and is still there now so that's why i haven't been on been staying at my mother in laws house so that way she can get the kids off to school for me so i will probably be there for a few days no comp over there so i will see you all...
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    Sticky_Budz Journal

    Sept )02 2007 OK i thought that i would start a little grow journal with some bag seed of some real good mid grade stuff I'm waiting for some seeds and when they come in they will be added to this grow. Anyways i took 15 seeds and put two in each of the big pots and the rest in the starter kit...
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    hey every one whats up just wanted to share something weird that happen to me and the wife today. We were on the way to my girls mothers house for her birthday party and there was this guy hitchhiking in are travels so when we passed him i noticed it was a guy i used to work with so we pulled...
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    Staging broke

    Hello just want to let everyone know that i haven't been on in a few days because i fell while i was working on a roof. We were using these old *** wooden planks which i hate and always complain about. anyways we were about two stories high and i was out in the middle of the plank and the...
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    Major problems

    Bugs Lots Of Them
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    stoneybud or anyone 3liter hydro set up

    i was wondering if anyone here knows how to make a hydro set up out of 3liter soda bottles empty ones of course lol. could of sworn i saw something like this before on this site but cant find it anywhere lol .anyways a friend of mine says he knows some one that has a set up like that but doesn't...
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    fried Oreo cookies

    i was just wondering if anyone has tried fried Oreo cookies? they look so good think I'm gonna try them tonight:hubba: when i have the munchies:D here's a link to the recipe check it out.