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  1. speero_m

    2 BIG rooms Flowering....lets see

    Started from mothers 4 kinds: NL 5 x Haze ( Sensi seeds) Mazar (dutch passion) L.A Confidential (DNA genetics ) Chronic (Serious seeds) super canalope (DNA ...) 2 Rooms to Flower 1 Room Veg & Clones facility First batch Veg 3 weeks QTY: 9 Mazar 9 Chronic 3 super Canalope...
  2. speero_m

    When To Harvest

    HERE are the pics is she ready or it can wait .....
  3. speero_m

    IS this normal

    here are the pics of JH plant JAck H. its in the 3rd week of flowering and the leaves are turning yellow the rest is. i knowits ok for the leaves to turn yellow but at this stage isnt it soon any suggestions. PH 7 adding nuts every week NPK 4-3-5 temp 27c Please need advice thanks...
  4. speero_m

    i need ur help guys ...please

    please see the link and reply thanks in advance
  5. speero_m

    Anything U Want, I Got It!!!!

    Check out the room setup.... I am currently growing 4 kinds WW SK#1 Jack H AK 47 in this pic the 4 plants to the right are clones behind them u have JH and AK 47 To the left u have the ww and SK#1 what...
  6. speero_m

    I Call It Ultimate Stealth

    :hubba: Ok,here how it started i was originally growing in that room but i wasnt feeling comfortable when people visted no one knows that i grow !!!The most imp thing to do..... and i have alot of friends that come over so i decided to have the biggest stealth it is....what...
  7. speero_m

    my plants are dying???

    Hey guys, since my last post i asked if someone can help with my problem...unfortunetly no one did..... 1.THEY ARE CLONES 2. 1 MONTH INTO FLOWERING 3. PH IS 7 4. 2 LAMPS 400 it started with 2 leaves getting yellow color i tried to give nuts with high N did not work NOW all the leaves are...
  8. speero_m

    please help????

    they are clones, 2.5 months from cut time. soil has slow release nuts. 2 4oo hps lamps. but gradually the color of most of the leaves of all the plants are turning to light green or yellow...any help....
  9. speero_m

    Can I Cut These Buds?

    hey guys i was just wondering if those buds can be cut or i can leave them i bit longer? what do u think.:confused:
  10. speero_m

    clone question help

    hi i need ur help guys :D how long cani keep my clones in the small pots bec i can not put them in bigger pots for now... i have their mothers in no room? help please thanks alot!
  11. speero_m

    update on my first indoor growing

    question how long does flowering stage Usaully take.....and how many times should the plants be given nuts when i water? every time i water im afraid i will ruin what i have......any suggestions here are some pics
  12. speero_m

    Only The Tips Are Yellow???

    GUYS ANY SUGGESTIONS? 4 of my plants are doinfg the this...only the tip of the leaves are turniong yellow? they are 1 month into flowering using soil mix ph 7 watering when they needed light is 50cm nuts using miracle-gro boom booster 15-30-15 thanks.
  13. speero_m

    Round White Eggs?

    :confused: Please can anyone tell me what are these white round things on my plants stems, i have few pics....when i take them with my finger they become white powder any suggestions....Thanks.
  14. speero_m

    Before and After UPDATE

    i have been a way for a while....if any one remebers i had few problems with the lights....these are pics from my last post and pics of today... can i put them to flowering?
  15. speero_m

    When do i Fower the Plants

    hey guys, when can i decide to flower them and how long should i keep my plants into veg stage is there any specific time for that.....what is the norm for the veg stage? thanks.:confused:
  16. speero_m


    is it ok to use nut of 30-10-10 for veg its called Miracid?
  17. speero_m

    why Fluorescent ?

    guys, why everyone start their growing with fluorescent for veg is it better then mh? bec you can get them closer to the plant or $ ? thanks.:confused:
  18. speero_m

    Flowering early?

    Hey guys, i don't know what is wrong but my plants are under 18/6 light and one of them started to make small white Hair...its flowering but i didn't switched the light to less...any suggestion why and cam i stio it she is still to small!!!:o
  19. speero_m


    Guys i was just wondering how close i should put my fans, i have seen alot of setup and the fans are very close to the come...i am doing that but i feel the air is going to kill my it ok to have the leaves flipping around or sometimes up side down bec of the...
  20. speero_m

    They Look OK..but Not Growing

    Hi, guys this is one of my babies and she looks ok...but i dont know why, i haven't observed any growth since 1 week...any suggestions using 400 hps and 400 Mh and now another plant is doing the same but still not sure?:confused: here are some pics.